Practice & Awareness Check: TO or FROM?

Metaphysical Adventure: Practice & Awareness Check: TO or FROM?

This Metaphysical Adventure invites you to become more familiar with the 5-step Affirmative Prayer Process, and rewiring your habits to align your prayer practice with your belief system. Here is the 5-Step Prayer Process:


Relax and breathe yourselves into the silence. As best you can, let go of any concerns, fears, or worries. Thank your mental chatter for sharing and release any tension.


Center your awareness on your awareness of your Oneness, and focus on the characteristics of God nature that apply to this situation. Use the Twelve Powers as a source for God nature (i.e., God is Love; God is Life; God is Imagination; etc.) You can use the process of a one-word or short phrase mantras to help you focus.


Use this phase of the process to enter into the Silence—the domain of the Divine.


Claim with conviction from an affirmative state of mind that your prayer is answered (even if there is no outer manifestation). This is the state where we “know that we know that we know.”


Give thanks from your point of oneness, your Christ Center, for your unfailing connection to Spirit. In all things (not FOR all things) give thanks.

This week, practice using this 5-step Prayer Process. Don't worry about whether it feels right or wrong, comfortable or awkward. Just allow yourself to be with it, and use it as a format for your prayers. Notice any differences you feel, and be aware of your experience as you use this process.


Bonus Activity: Awareness of TO or FROM

As you find yourself in prayer situations, take notice of whether you are praying TO a God out there or FROM an awareness of your Oneness.

Examples of praying TO: Dear God; Please help me…; get me through this situation…; your will be done.

Examples of praying FROM: I affirm abundant prosperity is now flowing and I am One with Divine Ideas to manifest my good; I claim Divine Wisdom and Understanding, operating from my Highest, most elevated level of awareness, and know that the perfect solution is mine now. I am grateful.

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