Prayer as a Spiritual Practice

prayer-spiritual-practice-web-150x150People typically use prayer when they are feeling a sense of despair, frustration, fear, anger, doubt, or emotional upsets due to life circumstances. But we are recommending a different approach to prayer — using Prayer as a Spiritual Practice!

The secret is to recognize that every thought is a prayer … and as we begin making prayer a conscious part of our spiritual practice, we can eventually live in a state of Consciousness that is always grounded in prayer.

As you begin creating a spiritual prayer practice, here are three key awarenesses to cultivate:

  • We pray FROM a consciousness of our Oneness with the Divine, rather than TO a diety in the sky who chooses to favor some and punish others.
  • We pray KNOWING that Divine Principles and Laws are at work, and are accessible to us in powerful ways, rather than HOPING that some kind of Divine intervention will magically solve our issues.
  • We pray with an INTENTION OF CONNECTION, affirming no separation between our human self and our Divine Self, rather that an INTENTION OF PERSUASION, thinking we need to bargain or convince a “God out there” to give us our way.

An Affirmative Prayer Technique for Your Spiritual Practice

Once we realize the power of prayer as a spiritual practice, we realize the need to change the process by which we enter into this practice. Rather than go through a list of all our problems and issues, begging for resolution, we suggest an Affirmative Prayer Technique that allows you to become centered in your awareness of Oneness and open to the Divine Ideas flowing from this connection.

Step 1 — Relaxing: Relax and breathe into the Silence.

You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it; therefore, it is important to take a few minutes to release the emotional baggage that you may be carrying. Use a few deep, cleansing breaths and become aware of your body relaxing, your shoulders dropping, and your breathing slowing down.

Step 2 — Focusing: Focus your awareness on your Divine connection.

As best you can, let go of outer thoughts and bring your attention to your awareness of Oneness. An effective way to do this is to create your Spiritual Anchor Word/Phrase.  Choose a word/phrase that expresses your Divine connection. The word/phrase you choose is not as important as the fact that it works for you. Some examples: I AM; God; Peace; Love; Joy; Peace be still; I am one; Be still and know.

Once you feel relaxed, begin repeating your Spiritual Anchor Word/Phrase — out loud or silently — noticing how your awareness becomes focused and peaceful. Throughout this entire technique, you can use your Spiritual Anchor Word/Phrase whenever you notice that outside thoughts or emotions are invading your awareness. Simply tell those thoughts “Thank you for sharing” and begin repeating your Spiritual Anchor Word/Phrase to bring yourself back to your place of center.

 Step 3— Affirming: Affirm your Oneness with the Divine and your belief in Spiritual Truth Principles.

Rather than giving power and energy to the problems and issues you are facing, put your energy into affirming the Truth Principles you know and believe. Affirm and acknowledge your expectation of Divine Ideas bringing all the resources and information you need to deal with your issues from your highest, most elevated level of awareness and Consciousness.

 Step 4 — Accepting: Accept the Inner Peace and Divine Ideas that are flowing from your Divine Center to your awareness.

Make time to be still and hear; be still and feel; be still and know. As you open yourself to your awareness of Oneness and remove any appearance or belief in separation, the inner peace, ideas, and resources will flow. Allow yourself to be open to the intuitive thoughts that come. Pay attention!

 Step 5 — Appreciating: Give thanks for your unfailing connection to Spirit.

Gratitude is itself a state of prayer! At this point in our Affirmative Prayer Process, we are expressing gratitude and thanks, not for any specific result, but rather gratitude in knowing prayers bring results that can help us master the art of living and walk the spiritual path on practical feet.