Presentation Skills Coaching

Confidential Presentation Coaching ~

Designed to Enhance Your Presentation and Facilitation Skills


cher-clapboard-smallHow Would You Like to Add Pizzazz and Impact to Your Presentations?

Every time you are in front of a group, whether it is in front of your congregation, a small-group meeting, a class, or the media, you have the privilege of inspiring, educating, and guiding the decisions of those listening to you. Your presentation will also help people decide whether or not to be active, vibrant, contributing members in your spiritual community. This confidential coaching is customized to address your specific needs, and is designed to give you special one-on-one guidance in enhancing the quality and comfort level of your presentation skills.

Who can Benefit from This Presentation Coaching? 

Ministers, Licensed Teachers, Sunday School teachers, Board Members, Team Leaders, and others who find themselves in situations where they are speaking in front of groups.

Each coaching project is designed to fit the issues and style of the participant, and can be conducted either in person or via the Internet through Skype. While the goals of each project vary, here are some examples of the kinds of issues that can be addressed:

  • Speak with more projection and vocal variety;
  • Improve persuasiveness and ability to positively influence people and events;
  • Use more powerful body language to build rapport and establish a confident professional image;
  • Create effective visuals to support the message being presented;
  • Develop creative presentation techniques, such as story telling, use of props, and interaction;
  • Make effective use of rehearsal time;
  • Construct powerful sermon outlines or lesson plans that include involvement and reinforcement strategies;
  • Select appropriate delivery styles based on audience analysis and room layout;
  • Deal effectively with anxiety and fear;
  • Manage a powerful Question/Answer period;
  • Develop dynamic openings and closings;
  • Enhance stage presence.


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