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White-Light Papers

A MetaSpiritual Version of the traditional White Paper helping you walk the spiritual path on practical feet and achieve YOUniversal Harmony

Our White-Light Papers are a unique approach to sharing MetaSpiritual concepts and practical strategies in a short but powerful way. The name is derived from the corporate practice of creating White Papers to capture the essence of a philosophy, provide an overview of a critical issue, and/or convey specific recommendations to generate results.

We decided to create similar brief ebooks, ranging from 4-50 pages, each conveying an overview of a specific spiritual topic, along with practical spiritual practices to shorten the path for spiritual enrichment and enlightenment.

These White-Light Papers are immediately downloadable in a PDF format, ready for you to use -- either individually or with a discussion/study group.


How to Stay Centered with What’s Happening in the World Today 
(8 pages)

  • 7 techniques you can use immediately to feel more centered, safer, more positive, and above the negativity and cynicism surrounding you
  • A new twist on the Universe as Divine Oneness



Walking on Water: The Science Behind It ... and a MetaSpiritual Interpretation of Matthew 14:22-33 (10 pages)

  • What does water represent from a MetaSpiritual perspective?
  • Can humans walk on water?  What the sciences tell us.
  • Matthew 14:22-33, Jesus and Peter walk on water – MetaSpiritual Interpretation
  • What is Oobleck – and how can it be a Spiritual Practice?



The Adam and Eve First Couple Story: An Historical and MetaSpiritual Perspective (14 pages)

  • An historical overview of other "First Couple/Creation story myths
  • What all the stories (including Adam & Eve) have in common
  • Information about Adam's rib
  • The Four Rivers in the Garden of Eden
  • A MetaSpiritual Perspective  and Scientific Perspective 



Declare Your Independence (11 pages)

  • What "Independence" means from a MetaSpiritual perspective 
  • What we learned from two of our personal Zen masters (Cleo and Cinnamon)
  • How to achieve independence from anything that limits your spiritual growth
  • Six amazing Spiritual Practices you can use immediately (including a downloadable desktop labyrinth)



Prosperity: How to be Wealthy & WELLthy (9 pages)

  • Our take on the Law on Mind Action
  • The "Secret" of manifesting
  • a little-known disorder that impacts your prosperity manifestation -- and how to overcome it
  • a Spiritual Practice to help you focus on your current level of thinking, and refocus it as necessary.



How to Open Your Third Eye: Entering a Realm of Expanded Awareness and Activating Your Sixth Sense (8 pages)

A unique article focusing on how to open your Third Eye, entering a ream of expanded awareness and activating your sixth sense. Includes :

  • MetaSpiritual and science references
  • pineal friendly oils and stones​
  • specific practices for Third Eye Moments​
  • pineal friendly foods​
  • things to avoid​
  • how you know when your Third Eye is opening​
  • potential side effects to watch out for
  • benefits of opening your Third Eye​
  • a specially-created Third Eye Meditation



How to Celebrate Christmas When You Are More Spiritual Than Religious (8 pages)

Christmas is such a special time of year ... and it can create stress and emotional issues for those who consider themselves more spiritual than religious. This White Light Paper Includes :

  • The four top stressors related to Christmas when you are more spiritual than religious—and lots of tips on how to deal with each of them to ensure a peaceful, happy holiday season
  • Favorite Inspirational Quotes
  • Reflexology charts for hands and feet
  • A MetaSpiritual interpretation of 28 of the key people, places, and things related to the traditional Nativity story



11 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Christmas Story (17 pages)

The Christmas Nativity story is a staple during the holiday season, and it is the basis for re-enactments and special readings that can touch the heart. However, there are many things about the traditional Nativity that simply are not true, or have been wildly misunderstood. In the interest of "questioning unquestioned answers," this White Light Paper shares 11 unquestioned answers that we've dared to question, and we believe knowing the truth can make the Nativity story even more enlightening and spiritually enriching! This White Light Paper Includes information about:

  • The Census Misfire
  • The Bethlehem Star Meme Myth
  • The Christ Child
  • The Cradle of Jesus
  • The Three Gifts: Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh
  • The Genealogy of Jesus (Yeshua)
  • Jesus' Birth Date
  • The Killing of the Innocents Myth
  • Mary, the Mother of Jesus (Yeshua)
  • Joseph, Earthly Father of Jesus (Yeshua)
  • Virgin Births



The Passion Week and Easter Events as Metaphors of Our Self-Realization Journey

 (50 pages)

So many events from the life of Jesus happened during the week between Palm Sunday and Easter! While we are very familiar with the stories, the real value comes from interpreting those stories from a MetaSpiritual perspective. 

This eBook includes a verse-by-verse MetaSpiritual interpretation of each of these stories, including:

  • The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Comings (our interpretation!)
  • The Rich Young Ruler
  • Raising of Lazarus
  • Zacchaeus
  • Jesus Anointed in Bethany
  • Overturning the Tables in the Temple
  • The Last Supper, Gethsemane, Cutting Off the High Priest's Ear
  • The Denial and Crucifixion
  • And many more (27 specific stories) 
  • Plus Easter, totally interpreted from a MetaSpiritual Perspective
  • Plus a Worksheet designed to help you create your own MetaSpiritual interpretations of anything!


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