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Here you'll find our:

  •  inspirational Card Decks based on the 12 Powers; 
  • beautiful One Sheets that provide a MetaSpiritual interpretation or quote; and
  • unique Study Guides that provide a MetaSpiritual interpretation of popular scripture stories, along with discussion questions.

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Inspirational Card Deck

Bil Holton, Cher Holton, & Paul Hasselbeck

These beautiful full color 4x6" cards are designed to match the Power Up Your Life! book. This set includes 12 two-sided cards, plus a cover card with the book cover logo, and a plastic easel for displaying. Cards are perfect for daily inspiration, meditation, and training guides for better understanding of the 12 Powers. Comes in a colored net bag (color varies).


Note: PDF Download does not include the easel or net bag.

Our Study Guides

If you are a minister, teacher, or small group leader -- or simply interested in your own enrichment -- you'll love these powerful pamphlet study guides. As you focus on a specific Bible story, you have a handy pamphlet that contains a verse-by-verse MetaSpiritual interpretation of the story, plus specifically designed study questions to create a group discussion or stimulate your own reflection.


Study Guide Sampler Packet

Bil Holton and Cher Holton

Sample pack of 4 of our unique Study Guides. Each is a PDF format to be printed as a pamphlet, and contains the MetaSpiritual interpretation of a Bible story, along with discussion questions designed for that specific story. Packet contains:

  • Jesus Calms the Storm
  • Jesus Feeds the 5,000
  • Jesus Enters Jerusalem
  • The Great Catch

$15.00 PDF Download

Purchase includes permission to reprint for educational purposes, not for resale.

Individual Study Guides

Bil Holton and Cher Holton

PDF Download, designed to print as a pamphlet.

Purchase includes permission to reprint for educational purposes (not for resale).

Walking on Water
(Matthew 14:22-33)

$5.00 - PDF Download   

Jesus Feeds the 5,000
(Matthew 14:13-21)

$5.00 - PDF Download