Up Front and Personal With Revs. Bil & Cher

Speaking / Workshop/ Board Training Opportunities


Bring energy, excitement, and spiritual enrichment to your conference, spiritual center, or church community! We love to customize our programs to meet your needs, and our goal is to make it REALLY easy for you!

You can experience our programs in several ways:

Sunday Message
Conference Keynotes


Perfect for a Sunday morning talk or a conference keynote.

Here are some of our most-requested topics:

YOUniversal Harmony and The Extraordinary You: Understand the power of YOUniversal Harmony and appreciate how extraordinary, remarkable, Divine, and worthy you are as you align your human self with your Extraordinary Divine Nature. Includes two Universal Truths about our Divine Self, and the SIFI Test  to realign with the Extraordinary You.

What Follows I Am Follows You: Discover the incredible power of the words you say, and the impact they have on what you experience. You will hear a MetaSpiritual interpretation of the story of Moses talking to the burning bush, and learn spiritual practices that can literally transform your life, including the Fillmore Challenge and Affirmation Sandwiches.

 There’s An App For That: These days, when you are searching for something, the answer is always the same: There’s an app for that! The Holtons use Internet Apps as a metaphor for spiritual ‘inner net’ APPs which stand for “Abundant Positive Principles.” Bil and Cher help you see that a life built on prayer apps, meditation apps, tithing apps, metaphysical apps, affirmation apps, science apps, positive psychology apps, universal truth apps, and Extraordinary You apps is a life built on solid spiritual ground. Everyone leaves with a personal affirmation!

Bumper Sticker Theology: You can’t drive anywhere these days without running into ten inch billboards called bumper stickers. However, the bumper sticker the Holtons are talking about doesn’t come with fluorescent ink or pressure sensitive adhesive. They are the image we project to the world through our thoughts, words, choices, and actions. Enjoy the Holtons as they share a ‘bumper crop’ of spiritual insights with you.

After the Service Spiritual Cafés and Workshops


Interactive, Stimulating, and Spiritually Enriching!

Here are some of our most-requested Sessions:

Spiritual Café Experiences: Fasten your seatbelt as the Holtons take you on a fast-paced, highy-interactive journey into the realm of MetaSpirituality. Revs. Drs. Bil and Cher bring their unique and popular Spiritual Café experience on the road, as they facilitate lovely discussions with an agenda the group creates, asking any questions they want, and lead an exciting process of exploration and understanding around topics such as:  Spirituality & Spiritual Practices; Metaphysics; Bible interpretation; Science & Spirituality; Healing, Placebo Effect, & Positivity; Truth Principles and How They Work; and anything else the participants have always wanted to ask. 

How to Master the Art of Living When You're Having a Human Moment: Serving others is a wonderful thing, but we must be careful not to burn ourselves out, psyche ourselves out, or cut ourselves short. In this thoroughly down-to-earth workshop the Holtons show you how to strike a balance between: work and play, service and rest, responsibility and response-ability, the new you and the renewing you! Discover how to master the art of everyday living with grace, joy, and inner peace!

Meditation Is Medication: We can promise you, this will not be a typical meditation experience. After a few preliminary mini-meditations to get you centered and "tuned in," Revs. Drs. Bil and Cher will share dozens of inner focus techniques that are Rx's for helping you master the art of living. Experience the variety of ways you can move into a meditative state. Learn how to tame that monkey-mind inner voice that interferes with meditation. Capture the essence of your meditation to sustain the value as you move through your day. It's a meditative experience you won't want to miss!

Leadership Team Building
and Retreats


Retreat Forward™ Sessions that are
Enriching, Interactive, and Empowering

Perfect for Boards, Leadership Teams, & Volunteers

From Guest to Member Journey Mapping -- How to grow your membership: The Holtons have created a unique and powerful Church Growth Tool, using state-of-the-art Journey Mapping technology, to share a practical process that guides Boards and membership in growing membership in ways that provide deep and lasting results. Learn More

"We Will" Starts With "I Will" : Leadership development at its best! Discover why there IS an "I" in TEAM -- and why individual commitment is the key to team success! Explore together the Team Development Cycle, 3 key questions every successful group must answer, and the concept of "style flexing" to ensure group cohesiveness, camaraderie, and trust in support of a shared mission/vision/values/goals.

Kickstarting Your Board's Success: Specifically designed for Boards, this 'roll-up-your-sleeves' session guides your Board through the process of being a powerful leadership team, recognizing roles and responsibilities, honoring confidentiality, working with the minister and congregation, handling difficult issues, and combining spirituality and Truth Principles into the governing process.

Celebrating Volunteers! Celebrate the commitment, creativity, connection, and community-building power of your volunteers, who are the cornerstone of your spiritual community. This retreat offers unique and special enrichment, as a way to show your volunteers how much they are appreciated, provide powerful skills to work together, and build group cohesiveness and teamwork.