Raising the Roof on Healing

Raising the Roof on Healing! A MetaSpiritual Interpretation of Mark 2:1-12


There's a wonderful "raise the roof on healing" story from Mark 2:1-13 where the Christ as Jesus was speaking to a huge crowd in someone's home. Some men brought their friend, who was suffering from palsy and unable to walk, to be healed. However, they were unable to push through the people to get near enough to Jesus. But they did not give up! Creatively, they approached the issue a different way. Carrying their friend up to the roof, they uncovered the thatching of the roof enough to lower him down -- right in front of Jesus. Can you imagine the surprise of everyone? But Jesus was impressed with their ingenuity and faith, said, "Your sins are forgiven." This upset some of the scribes, which Jesus sensed, so he turned  to the man and said, "Arise, take up your bed and walk." And the man, totally healed, did exactly that! (You can read he whole story in your favorite version of the Bible, Mark 2:1-12.)

The metaphysics of wholeness is a mind, body, spirit connection. When all three are in sync we enjoy perfect health. If they are out of alignment, we may end up like the  Biblical character in the story above, paralyzed and unable to walk.

A literal interpretation of this story seems straightforward. The man is lowered through an opening in the roof and, because of his demonstrated faith and the faith of those who lowered him, he is miraculously healed. It’s a heart-warming story, but its deeper metaphysical meaning makes it extremely relevant to us today.

  • Paralyzed man symbolizes the crippling thoughts which handicap us, keeping us stuck and immobilized, blocking our good
  • People assisting the paralyzed man represent faith-oriented thoughts which refuse to see anything but health and wholeness
  • Process of lowering man through the roof suggests the creative process in which Divine Ideas come from our Christ Consciousness
  • House stands for human consciousness
  • Scribes symbolize worldly thoughts which come from traditional thinking
  • Bed or mat generally serves as a badge of lack consciousness
  • Earth usually represents our physical body
  • Son of Man symbolizes that within us that knows the difference between truth and error
  • Evil represents purely material thoughts which deny our divinity
  • The phrase ‘Your sins are forgiven. Stand up and walk’ invites us to eliminate our error thinking (give up the false for the true) so we can behold our wholeness

Metaphysically speaking, this  Biblical passage invites us to choose health and wholeness, despite appearances to the contrary. It assures us that we can transcend any crippling thought or habit which limits our good once we know the difference between truth and error.

We can refuse to be fooled by outer appearances and, thus, affirm our wholeness by recognizing the incredible power of our divine nature. That’s what Jesus the Christ meant when He asked, ‘Which is easier to say: ‘Your sins are forgiven’ (which means  denying the power of outer appearances to withhold our good) or ‘Stand up and walk’ (affirm our health and wholeness)?

We are already whole at the level of Spirit. The healing process is the restoration of the harmony between us and our divine nature. Our wholeness is the truth of us. Our completeness is there whether we believe it’s there or not. But our molecular health depends on the healthiness of our thoughts, choices, and actions.

Here’s the secret to a metaphysics of health: We cannot think Truth and error at the same time. We cannot feel truth and error at the same time. Health, then, seems to be a product of truth and sickness is a consequence of error. If we want health, wealth, and prosperity, we’ve got to think health, wealth, and prosperity. I believe our wholeness is a thought away. I believe instantaneous health and healing are not only possible, but probable, when we amp up our Divine thinking and feeling.

©2007, 2019 Rev. Dr.  Bil Holton

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