Revelation: Churches and Chakras MetaSpiritually Interpreted

Revelation: Churches and Chakras MetaSpiritually Interpreted

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As centers of spiritual growth, awakening and states of awareness the chakras can be interpreted from a number of different perspectives. This snapshot describes the chakras from their relationship to the Book of Revelation and the seven day Creation Story found in the Book of Genesis.

Essentially, the churches (chakras) constitute the “Sevenfold Path” of our spiritual unfoldment:

The Church of Ephesus

Metaphysically, the Church of Ephesus is the Base Chakra. It is our individualized soul awareness that is fixated on sense addictions and primal instincts. This chakra connects us to the procreative forces of our incarnational experience. It is the ground floor, so to speak, for our soul work in the earth (skin school) experience.

Awareness of our spiritual identity is almost entirely absent. If religious, we direct our petitioning prayers to an anthropomorphic deity ‘up there’ somewhere who is separate and distant from us.

The Promise offered to those who correctly use the Base Chakra is the ability to ‘eat from the Tree of Life.’ This has many different shades of meaning, ranging from the promise of life after death to salvation. The symbolic color of this chakra is red.

The Church of Smyrna

The Church of Smyrna is the Sacral Chakra. Generally, we have no knowledge of the inner teachings and are attracted pithy morality and prejudice in the place of wisdom. We will block the efficacy of this power center if we allow our material interests and over-consumptive sense appetites to trump our inner wisdom and powers of discernment.

Developmentally, this chakra (church) aids our rising out of a group, tribal and/or family mindset into individual consciousness. It means we begin to develop a sense of personal identity and personal space. However, we also have a clear sense for the importance of interpersonal relationships. We can keep our sociability buried and isolate ourselves from others, but that will block our being able to fully open this important center of spiritual quickening.

The Promise offered to those who correctly use the Sacral Chakra is the gift of the Crown of Life. The symbolic color of this chakra is orange.


The Church of Pergamos

The Church of Pergamos is the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar Plexus Center is connected to our intellectual sensitivity, emotional depth, and our sense of individuality energies. This faculty is a “cutting” and “reductionist” instrument. We can dissect reality into pieces and then make judgments by fitting the pieces together in ways that complement our temperament. Depending on how discerning we can be, we can use both our intellect and emotions as skillful means to arrive at worthwhile esoteric insights and practical perspectives.

It can hence be understood that the Pergamos is the seat of control and discrimination (right-thinking). It is imperative that our self-control comes from our True Self, not just from sub-personalities or the lower mind. The ego should be a great servant, not a dangerous master.

The Promise offered to those who correctly use this Chakra includes the eating of the Hidden Manna and the Gift of the White Stone with a new name engraved on it. The symbolic color of this chakra is yellow.

The Church of Thyatira

The Church of Thyatira is the Heart Chakra. It is known as ‘sacrifice or contrition’ because it involves the sacrifice of the fallen aspects of our beingness as they relate to the things of the world. The power of the Heart Center, when properly activated, involves the manufacturing of static forces that transform our physical, emotional and mental aspects.

With its quiet, penetrating warmth, the Heart Center invites us to release the spiritual energies associated with charity, service, faith, and patience – all implying unconditional love. Physically, the Fourth Chakra governs circulation; emotionally, it governs unconditional love and harmony; mentally, it governs passion and compassion; and spiritually, it governs devotion and commitment to higher metaphysical principles.

The Promise offered to those who use this center correctly is the Gift of the Morning Star. The Morning Star represents the state of ‘light bearing.’ This is an allegorical way to represent the awakening of the Light of Divinity within us. The symbolic color of this chakra is green.

The Church of Sardis

The Church of Sardis is the Throat Chakra. It is given the title of ‘That which remains,’ because it is the portal before entering the two higher chakras. It has a similar meaning in the Kabbalistic systems. In the ultimate science of ‘being awakened’ we come to realize that there is only one God – one Consciousness [Pure Consciousness] – and all ideas, self-knowledge, and higher understanding are aspects of that Pure Consciousness. If we do not understand that, we must re-think our own level of intellectual Bodhi.

The chief characteristic of this Center concerns the transformative power of the voice or Logos. The old mind must pass away and the new mind must be formed through the power of the Logos. As our awareness of this important Center matures we realize that physically, it governs our awareness and communication; emotionally, it governs independence and an internal locus of control; mentally, it governs intellectual sharpness and fluency in thought; spiritually, it denotes a sense of inner harmony and balance.

The Promise is that when we correctly use this Center we will reach such a level of illumined consciousness that our vital energies will eventually resonate in sync with the energies of the Godhead. The symbolic color of this chakra is blue.

The Church of Philadelphia

The blossoming of the Brow Chakra (the Church of Philadelphia) which is associated with the pineal gland, will take us to one of the most mystical areas of our psyche called the Third Eye. It is the seat of wisdom and higher esoteric understanding, making it a highly intuitive and insightful center.

Once we experience transcendent mystical awarenesses we have insights into truths unplumbed by the discursive intellect. We discover that obtaining direct knowledge of reality through mystical experiences differs considerably from ordinary sense perception or the use of logical reasoning.

The Promise offered by this Center is that when we are aligned with our Indwelling Christ Nature we will find ourselves more impervious to worldly concerns and dilemmas. That is, we will have our whole chakra system activated and transformed, so we can achieve conscious immortality. The symbolic color of this chakra is indigo.

The Church of Laodicea

The Church of Laodicea is the Crown Chakra. It is located above the top of the head and is known as ‘Judging the People.’ Its name suggests the immense and awesome power of this Center. It is that of divinity, Godhood and deification. When this chakra blossoms we have truly arrived at the summit of our incarnational perfection-generating energies.

Grasping the higher teachings and accumulating as much divine wisdom as we can will fortify us from having to worry about being stripped of higher esoteric knowledge. Staying in sync with our divinity will keep our chakras open and functional so we can truly become enlightened.

The Promise is that those who correctly open this Chakra, and unite all the Centers as one, will achieve Liberation from lessor states of consciousness. By mastering our egocentric nature we will embody what it means to be enlightened even as the Christ as Jesus did in his era. The symbolic color of this chakra is violet.

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