Rev. Dr. Bil Holton explodes the traditional views of Revelation and offers a verse-by-verse interpretation, revealing hidden wisdom for your spiritual enrichment and enlightment.


Are you tired of the typical doomsday interpretation of Revelation?

Are you curious about the symbolism and what it means for you, today?

Have you moved beyond a literal-only viewpoint of the Bible, and long for a 21st Century practical message?

             This is the book for you!


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Would you like to know . . .

What makes this book even MORE powerful?

Rev. Bil has included an intensive, very detailed Endnotes section (over 100 pages) that outlines research and additional information for each chapter in Revelation. These Endnotes allow you to join Rev. Bil in his deep-dive into a MetaSpiritual interpretation of Revelation, as you experience the unfoldment of your Christ Nature.

Use This Book for Personal Study, Discussion Groups, Spiritual Book Study Sessions, or inspiration for Sunday Talks

You will discover a wealth of information within the pages of this book that can be used to guide you and others on the road to Enlightenment!

About the Author,
Rev. Dr. Bil Holton

• an ordained Unity minister;
• Co-founder of The Global Center for Spiritual
   Awakening, an on-line Cyber-Home for people
   who are more spiritual than religious;
• Prolific author of many books;
• Co-host of two spiritual podcasts;
• a Spiritual Thought Leader and 21st Century 
   Metaphysician and teacher