Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Reverse-Engineering-300x300This metaphysical adventure is designed to recognize the impact of an original Divine Idea, and how we use it to create and manifest.

Here's How:

Select something you have already created and enjoy (i.e., a piece of furniture you built; a book or article you wrote; an art project; a recipe you made; a work project).

Reflect on it for a while. Then, work backwards by identifying how it was created -- step-by-step -- until you reach the beginning: a Divine Idea existing in the Infinite Field of Potential.

(Example: a beautifully landscaped back yard. Using "Reverse Engineering" it may look like this:

  • The flowers grew and blossomed.
  • Weeds were removed.
  • Plantings and seeds were planted.
  • The ground was prepared.
  • Plantings and seeds were purchased.
  • The hardscape was completed.
  • Rocks and cement were purchased.
  • A plan was drawn up, taking into consideration the lighting, lay of the land,
    and other factors affecting the landscape decisions.
  • The landscaper saw the property and walked over it, taking into account what would be best
    in this location.
  • The landscaper had an idea of what this yard could potentially look like.
  • The beginning was the Divine Idea of Beauty.

Bonus Tip: Use this particular technique whenever you feel "stuck" -- to realize the existence and availability of the Field of Infinite Potential to solve any situation you find yourself experiencing.