Fasten Your Seatbelt!

"Ruff-Housing" With Religious Dogma comes out of the doghouse and into your hands!

If you’re the kind of person who is more spiritual than religious, you’re ready for this book! Not only a fascinating read – it confirms your choice to take the spiritual path and not the mainstream religious dogmatic route.

Rev. Dr. Bil Holton is a Spiritual Thought Leader, Metaphysician, and prolific author ... who loves to question unquestioned answers!

He places the "Trojan Horse of Science and MetaSpirituality" squarely in the "Troy of mainstream religion" and upsets people who believe in an external, anthropomorphic, supernatural, tribla 'god meme in the sky' ... and thrills people who are more spiritual than religious.

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What's Inside?

  • On topics from Adam and Eve to Zowie, and everything in between, Rev. Bil wrestles with the "dawgmas" of many of the most recognized faith traditions, and transforms them into MetaSpiritual Truth.
  • Rev. Bil calls for the dismissal of the concept of a vengeful, amygdala-driven, anthropomorphic god in the sky. This book ‘rents the veil’ of mainstream religious dogma, exposes the limitations of literal translations of sacred scripture, and will no doubt push religious fundamentalism’s hot button. 
  • Carefully selected images and dog-related metaphors add just the right touch of humor to soften the "ruff" edges.


You’re going to get tons of thought-provoking insights that will not only deepen your spirituality, but concur with the litmus test of your own inner wisdom, accumulated knowledge, education, and openness to compelling, evidence-based content.  

Does this sound like you?  

  • You consider yourself more spiritual than religious — and you are searching for confirmation that you have chosen the right path for your enrichment and growth.
  • You are frustrated and disappointed with the argumentative, fear-induced guilt and anger being created by mainstream faith traditions, and can no longer put faith in an anthropomorphic “god meme in the sky.”
  • You’ve outgrown the arbitrary beliefs you grew up with, and disagree with the patriarchal bent and exclusivity bias of archaic faith tradition messages.
  • You believe there is a deeper understanding of spiritual texts and beliefs, and yearn for an enriching, enlightening approach to spirituality.  
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If you said "YES!" then you will love "Ruff-Housing With Religious Dogma!

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Hi! I’m Rev. Dr. Bil Holton and you may want to fasten your seat belts because you’re going to get tons of thought-provoking insights that will not only deepen your spirituality, but concur with the litmus test of your own inner wisdom, accumulated knowledge, education, and openness to compelling, evidence-based content.

This book ‘rents the veil’ of mainstream religious dogma, exposes the limitations of literal translations of sacred scripture, and will no doubt push religious fundamentalism’s hot button. 

In my opinion, it is high time to QUESTION UNQUESTIONED ANSWERS and reinterpret the language of traditional mainstream faith beliefs into a MetaSpiritual understanding that will enrich and enlighten you!

Ready to Buy Now? Great decision!

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Let me introduce you to a new concept: Fact-Shaping 

Fact-shaping invites you to become a contrarian — a ‘questioner of facts.’ It urges you to learn the language of facts by questioning what you think you know. It’ll help you:

  • sift through dogma,
  • wade through the false claims of religious fundamentalism,
  • see through the superficiality of literal-only interpretations of scripture, and
  • deflect the fear-mongering espoused by doomsday evangelists.

Fact-shaping involves Feng Shui-ing your thinking. It takes courage to question unquestioned answers and expose dogmatic falsehoods. It also takes a little common sense and a sense of humor, so I’ve included ‘dog bytes’ to soften the ‘ruff’ edge of my dogma criticism which I hope you’ll enjoy reading.  


"Every human society needs dogma police to expose the nonsensical fictions associated with the worship and blind obedience to unquestioned answers."

"If anyone should ask me, I'd give dogma a ticket for 'littering' religious landscapes with too many 'puppies' (baby dogmas)."

Can you relate to this?

Recently a student in one of my classes came up to me during break and said: “Rev. Bil, I am so frustrated! I just can’t believe in the God of my childhood any more, and the beliefs of my faith tradition just aren’t working for me! I need something deeper — something real — something that stretches my understanding and helps me get through these tough times!” 

Sound familiar? I’m hearing it more and more these days!  

Believe me, I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been there myself. I’ve felt the urge for more meaning and depth in scripture. I, too, was starved for answers that were hard to decipher from religious teachings that didn’t make any sense. You’ve probably heard of the quote that says, “Once your mind has been stretched by a new idea, it will never again return to its original perspective.” It’s true! Once you have found a deeper perspective, a superficial one isn’t good enough any more. This book shares my MetaSpiritual perspective — a combination of spirituality and scientific support.

Now I want to be honest with you. This book isn’t for everyone!

  • Don’t bother buying this book if you’re satisfied with literal-only interpretations of scripture.
  • Don’t purchase it if you want to stay more religious than spiritual.
  • Don’t buy this book if you get upset with a contrarian viewpoint that questions traditional beliefs.

Who IS This Book For? This book is for people who are sick of dogma and misinterpretations that lead to bigotry and discrimination in the name of religion. This book is for people who are ready to break free of old traditional beliefs and soar to new heights of spiritual enlightenment!  

For example, would you like to know the answers to things like:  

  • Where did we come from? Is the Adam and Eve story unique to Christianity and what does it really mean? (Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?) Discover the “bonedoggle” we’ve been fed on pages 11-24.
  • What is the real meaning of Armageddon, and why don’t you need to be afraid? You’ll find out on pages 48-49.
  • Learn how to Defriend Dogma on pages 116-123.  
  • Dig into the meaning of EVIL on pages 139-143.
  • What are Filter Bubbles — and how did the concept lead to a Spiritual Practice? Check out page 155.
  • Every Nativity scene shows three wisemen carrying the gifts of gold, frankencense, and myrrh. But what do those three gifts mean from a deeper, MetaSpiritual level? Find out on pages 185-186.
  • What is the Goldilocks Zone, and how do Quantum physicists and spirituality go together? You’ll see on page 187.  

Wow! Those are all great questions, aren’t they? And here are even more questions I hear a lot — and the answers are found in the pages of Ruff-Housing With Religious Dogma:

  • What dogma exists in Hinduism (pages 204-205)?
  • Why did Job suffer — and what does that “impawsible” story really mean to our enlightenment? The scoop is on pages 227-231.
  • Who was Mary Magdaline (really) and why is she so important in our Spiritual journey? Find out more on pages 250-254.
  • How can the Neurobiology of Spiritual Practices help you gain the traction you need to become more aligned with your Spiritual Nature? The answer is on pages 267-270.
  • What is so disturbing, troubling, and downright dangerous about a literal interpretation of the Bible? Explore the section entitled “Puh-leez! Really? You’ve Got to Be Kidding” on pages 291-298 for specific examples of references that need to be ‘growled at!’
  • Did you know you have a Spiritual IP Address? Find out what it is on pages 402-405.

This is just a taste of the topics that may have frustrated you, confused you, and upset you for years, because all of the traditional faith traditions continue to reinforce beliefs that no longer make sense to you. That’s why I decided to write this book … to integrate over 40 years of metaphysical study, interviews with highly credible spiritual teachers, and my own personal and professional research in the esoteric perspectives of world religions.  


I expose religious dogma! What's your Super Power?

Meet Rev. Dr. Bil Holton


Besides being a dedicated Out-of-the-Box Thinker, I have been writing, speaking, coaching, and publishing for over 40 years, and am proud to have a solid reputation in the field. My ability to bring spiritual truths into down-to-earth clarity help people the world over walk the spiritual path on practical feet. I have written over 37 books on spiritual and self-mastery subjects, and am an ordained (and somewhat rebellious) Unity minister. 

By the way, I am also an avid golfer and my beautiful wife, Cher, and I are amateur ballroom dancers. I am passionate about ensuring our language matches our beliefs, so I’ve been known to create new words when the current lexicon doesn’t cut it! You’ll run into some of my new words when you read this book!  

Here’s what I have discovered: The world is awakening to a new, elevated spiritual nature – and to the deeper Truths of Higher Consciousness. You’ll find that MetaSpirituality is all around us — but it is written in a secret code. Once you understand the code, you’ll unlock a whole deeper meaning of sacred scriptures and beliefs of all the world’s faith traditions.  

"Ruff-Housing With Religious Dogma is available in three versions!

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BONUS #1: Sampler Book, Spiritually Speaking Glossary  

 This one-of-a-kind bonus gift is a 56 page sampler from our mega glossary entitled Spiritually Speaking: A Glossary of Spiritual, Religious, and Modern Day Secular Terms For Those Who Are More Spiritual Than Religious.  

The complete 500+ page, A to Z, 5,700+ term glossary is the first of its kind to provide readers with thoughtful spiritual interpretations as well as whimsical, laugh-out-loud definitions of a wide variety of modern day spiritual, religious, and secular terms—with a few of the old traditional favorites making cameo appearances.  

You will find spiritual interpretations and explanations to terms such as: abracadabra-ing, alarm clock, basement, cat nap fraud, chatter bomb, frequent flyer, the Third Coming, garbage disposals, holy ground, junk mail, kundalini, mashup, mental kudzu, negativity bias, optical delusions, parking lots, quicksand, root bound, scuba diving, taxis, text messaging, Tyagaian release, UFOs, voice mail, waterfalls, winged globe, yachts, zip codes, and Ziploc bags.  


This is one of the most awesome and totally unique bonus gifts you will ever see as part of a book offer. 

 Why? Because the bandwidth of resources used to create this work in progress is broader and more comprehensive than anything else ever attempted in its field. It is a 56-page sampler book, containing a variety of the terms found in the full glossary. And that’s no exaggeration! You’ll see that very clearly when you receive it as part of this offer.  

Here are some examples of some of spiritual interpretations of several of the terms in the 56-page sampler:  

  • Abracadabra-ing: employing mindfulness meditation, affirmative prayer, and positive affirmations as the open sesames to healing and enlightenment;  
  • Apocalypse: the end of an egocentric level of awareness which has been raised to its super-conscious expression as Christ Consciousness; the end of a stale belief system; our true spiritual nature is revealed by going through a dark night of the soul;  
  • Babymoon: the period of time when neophytes enjoy basic esoteric teachings before they are introduced to more advanced teachings; (In social networking, a relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born);  
  • Capital Punishment: self-imposed pain and suffering caused by our complete disregard for our innate divinity;  
  • Cha-Ching: the sound of materialism;  
  • Chatter Bomb: an intrusive thought that enters, and possibly spoils, a meditative experience;  
  • Defriending: dropping error thoughts, words, and actions from our life experience; (In social media terms, defriending is the act of removing someone from our list of friends on Facebook);  
  • Paparazzi: persistent regrets; reoccurring bad habits;  
  • Whiplash: what happens when our poor choices catch up to us.  

A $15.97 value -- and it’s yours for free with this offer. (This sampler is part of the complete glossary I mentioned earlier which includes over 5,000 terms and took over two years of research to compile, edit, and write).  

BONUS #2: White-Light Paper on Prosperity

You’re not going to believe I’m including this special bonus gift, too!  

It’s a special White-Light Paper focusing on Prosperity — but not just the standard, run-of-the-mill prosperity teachings that have confused and frustrated people for years. This “White-Light Paper” explodes some common myths that are regularly taught in prosperity classes and replaces them with Prosperity Truths. It also looks at how science is supporting our current understanding about Prosperity Principles, and shares a powerful Prosperity Affirmation and Spiritual Practice.


But Wait! I am so convinced you will love “Ruff-Housing” With Religious Dogma, that I want to throw in one more Bonus Gift … and this one is BIG!

BONUS #3: 30-minute private spiritual mentoring session with me! 

That’s right! This consultation can be about anything related to your spiritual enrichment and growth. We can discuss a Bible scripture that troubles you … interpret a dream from a MetaSpiritual perspective … create a personal plan for your spiritual practice … You Name It! You have access to me for 30 minutes … absolutely free! Simply call to schedule your time, and we will get it set up!  

The value of this Bonus Gift is priceless, because it is impossible to measure the value of a great spiritual idea once it is brought to light!

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“Ruff-Housing” With Religious Dogma transforms the traditional literal concepts of religion into deeper spiritual meanings to help you deal with the challenges you are facing today.

I’m affirming already that you will experience a tremendous surge in your enthusiasm for your continued spiritual growth and the growth of your loved ones as you share this metaphysical wealth.  

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing about your spiritual transformation. Your sending me a testimonial and mentioning the books will help others who are also on the path see how they can use “Ruff-Housing” With Religious Dogma to enrich and enliven their spiritual journeys.


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