Order of Sacred Path-Application for 3rd Degree Initiate

OrderOfSacredPath-LogoOrder of the Sacred Path — Application for 3rd Degree Initiate

Congratulations on completing all the requirements of 2nd Degree Initiate in the Order of the Sacred Path, and for making the decision to continue! As a 2nd Degree Graduate, you are now eligible to move into the 3rd Degree Initiate status, where you can continue your studies in Enlightened Thought and MetaSpiritual understanding, and integrate these learnings into your life at a deeper level. In this level, you will be reflecting on Expression: how your spiritual understanding integrates with your life work, and how, as a MetaSpiritual Practitioner, you will be using your Enlightened Thought as you make your life a spiritual practice.

Please complete the Application for 3rd Degree Initiate (Idea) by clicking the link below.

The Application for 3rd Degree Initiate (Mind) can be downloaded and completed by clicking here.

Application Fee: $149 (PAID!)

Once accepted into the 3rd Degree (Expression), you are invited to:

  • Read four more of the higher consciousness references listed in the Enlightened Reading Guide and write an Enlightened Thought Tweetable, suitable for publication on our website, for each book.
  • Adopt four additional Spiritual Practices referenced in one or more of the Your Spiritual Practice volumes outlined on our website and/or our Podcasts, and briefly report how each has contributed to your spiritual growth.
  • Participate in three conference calls with Revs. Drs. Bil and Cher Holton, discussing your progress and receiving mentoring guidance.
  • Outline briefly what your spiritual life work looks like, and how it benefits humankind. Include your mission and vision, beliefs and values, bio, website information, goals and first actions, etc. Send this summary to us via email or snail mail.
  • Create a compilation of what you have accomplished, either formally or informally, full time or part time, toward your life work. Share a brief synopsis of what you have done, and what your future plans for continuing enlightenment include.

Upon completion of the requirements identified above, you become eligible for graduation, which affords you Full Membership into the Order of the Sacred Path.

We excitedly look forward to continuing our work with you, as a 3rd Degree Initiate in the Order of the Sacred Path.

Abundant Blessings as you continue to walk this Spiritual Path on practical feet!




Revs. Drs. Bil & Cher Holton
Co-Founders, The Global Center for Spiritual Awakening