Order of the Sacred Path


The Order of the Sacred Path

The essence of the Order of the Sacred Path is quite simple. It is that the initiate willingly surrenders to his/her Divine Nature, each-consecutive-moment-of-now. Those who seek membership in this cutting edge Order have come to the realization that each of us is the Omnipresent Universal Consciousness expressing as us in human form.

Our spinal column is the two million year old ‘sacred path’ of human evolution and spiritual enlightenment. It is the 72 centimeter journey from our Root Chakra to our Crown Chakra — Spiritual Illumination. That’s all the further we have to go to find our True Self (Divine Nature, Deeper Self). Therefore, the Order of the Sacred Path represents the oldest spiritual order in existence.

What Is Included In The Order of the Sacred Path?

This Order is based on our MetaSpiritual perspective, which is the integration of the sciences, metaphysics, Theosophy, Anthroposophy, philosophy, neurotheology, and loving service to humankind. The sciences that are particularly helpful in sculpting the Order’s global essence are: quantum physics, the neurosciences, positive psychology, epigenetics, evolutionary biology, psychoneuroimmunology, and biology.

That level of disciplined integration involves embracing with love and humility, at each moment, the content of your consciousness (the subconscious, waking conscious, and super-conscious). It also involves the conscious alignment of your small ‘s’ self (human self) with your capital ‘S’ Self (Divine Self) as a selfless expression of your devotion to becoming a fully enlightened being. Our Divine Self is called by many names depending upon our cultural and/or religious orientation. When we refer to our Divine Self, the Extraordinary You, it refers to the Omnipresent Universal Consciousness.

Who Can Belong to The Order of the Sacred Path?

The Order of the Sacred Path unites all spiritual teachers and adepts, New Thought and Eastern Thought practitioners, MetaSpiritual practitioners, and mystics of all times, traditions, and places, whose hearts and minds thrill with the prospect of becoming consciously one with their Divine Nature!

The Order is open to any and all, regardless of age, inclination or persuasion, cultural origins, ethnicity, and faith tradition. There exists no rigid hierarchy, no bureaucratic chain of command, no dogma, no denominational biases or sparring. The search for Truth, spiritual fulfillment and unfoldment, and the attainment of your conscious Divine Nature, which is the Omnipresent Universal Consciousness showing up as you in human form. It is the only doctrine professed, the only enlightened status to be sought and shared.


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What Beliefs Are a Part of the Order of the Sacred Path?

The Order of the Sacred Path is a spiritual practice devoid of institutional regimens and absent of denominational rigidity, biases, and sparring. It is an intentional way of life that invites you to become the best Divine Being you can be.

Yoda-dogma-meme-CholtonThe universality of this Order makes your commitment to establishing the alignment with your Divine Nature your complete and unadulterated responsibility. If you should stumble and fall, pick yourself up and continue on. Focus on the Sacred Path within you. Bring no staff, no cloak, no dogma, no luggage or passport, because the path we’re talking about is the serpentine trip up your spinal column from your Base Chakra to the Crown Chakra. It is the inner journey from your human self to your Divine Self! That’s the only path there is!

The only thing you’ll need to carry is what has become an inseparable and indispensable part of who and what you are:

  • an open mind, which questions unquestioned answers;
  • love for the Truth; and
  • the unmistakable urge to become consciously one with your Innate Divinity.

Each member of the Order seeks conscious union with the Omnipresent Universal Consciousness (the Eternal Presence, the Source, the Infinite Isness, One Reality, God, Tao, Brahman, the Absolute, the Inexpressible). Whatever the name, it is the One Reality, the common sacred ground of all great spiritual traditions—which can be known, because you are It expressing as you. And this realization comes through a direct experience of It. The Order of the Sacred Path, we genuinely believe, will serve to assist in bringing you to that state of elevated awareness.

As a universal spiritual being who has discovered the Order of the Sacred Path, you are most likely a student of many faith traditions and philosophies of the world’s cultures. You probably consider yourself more spiritual than religious, are eclectic in your spiritual beliefs, sing the praises of the esoteric teachings of many faith traditions, and see the oneness of the global community. You no doubt already travel in the realm of Spirit and live by universal spiritual laws. You have, in all likelihood, transcended the need for the excess baggage, trappings, and bling we humans labor under when we serve only the flesh. You are doubtlessly already on the Sacred Path.

The search for Truth is, ultimately and unequivocally, a solitary one. The collective pursuit can only take you so far. The Sacred Path inevitably narrows to a point in consciousness where you must pass through, leaving those souls accompanying you to unfold at their own pace as well.

It is the greatest of paradoxes that when you are at last consciously reunited with the One Reality that is the Ground of all Being, you are fantastically singular in that experience because the journey takes place within you. However, it is also linked inseparably to your external life. Since your physical body and consciousness are linked together during your skin school experience, when you ‘up your consciousness’ you ‘up your body’s chemistry’ too, and your physical body and emotionality become alchemicalized into a perfected spiritual body that transcends the limitations associated with any reincarnational or incarnational experience.

How you live directly affects how you understand and comprehend things — and why you make the choices you do and behave the way you behave. You make no distinction between what you consider to be your everyday ‘mortal’ life, and that which you call your spiritual life. These two versions of you are one and the same.

The spiritual you is not something to be practiced on occasion. It is not something to be relegated to appointed days or at appointed times. It is not something to be filed away for later use. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. A spiritual being is your eternal Beingness. The Order of the Sacred Path was conceived as one means to open your eyes to this timeless Truth.

The Order of the Sacred Path honors the wisdom of those who have gone before you. Every great spiritual teacher has a central message. You must use your mind for the purpose it was intended: to learn how to align your human self with your Divine Self, your Extraordinary Spiritual Nature. Applied learning begets understanding, understanding leads to heightened awareness, and an elevated awareness inevitably leads to enlightenment. We believe that your membership in the Order of the Sacred Path will serve to facilitate your enlightenment.


What Does It Mean to Be a Member of the Order of the Sacred Path?

We are positively, absolutely sure that your traveling the Sacred Path will lead you to the inevitable awareness of the true nature of things. It’s not, however, the culmination of your journey because it’s only the process toward your eventual enlightenment. A cumbersome misconception exists concerning the state of spiritual illumination: it is not to be confused with spiritual perfection.

SteppingStones-webSpiritual illumination or enlightenment brings you to a state of experiential super-awareness of the Absolute Reality of the Divine. It does not transform the newly illumined into fully perfected Super Beings. In addition to your advanced abilities and knowledge, you will experience challenges, obstacles, temptations, and ubiquitous spells of confusion and frustration. You will still have much soul work to do before you become fully perfected. However, you will eventually attain that level of conscious perfection when you devote yourself to the ‘Work.’

The chief way to ensure that you do not dampen your progress is to take responsibility for your inevitable enlightenment. Much of what was done mindlessly and lackadaisically must now be scrutinized minutely. It is not so much a matter of right or wrong thoughts, choices or behavior; of good versus bad; etc., as it is a matter of what was once seemingly appropriate from an egocentric standpoint having now become decidedly inappropriate from a more enlightened, MetaSpiritual perspective.

What was acceptable when you were less spiritually awakened will evolve into the unacceptable because you will have reached an undeniably higher level of cosmic awareness. And only you can make that determination. Self-examination and self-correction are essential. Certain materialistic inclinations, indulgences, and habits no longer deserve a place in your consciousness, no matter how much pleasure or satisfaction they gave the pre-enlightened you.

What detracts you or detours you must now be denied, because now you know better. As all of us who have taken the Sacred Path know, you can fool everyone but yourself. Only what is genuinely inappropriate needs be abandoned or modified. Life is meant to be enjoyed. You are meant to grow, prosper, become enlightened and fully perfected.


Obstacles on the Sacred Path

The difficulties in following the Path or obstacles to aligning your human self with your Divine Nature derive primarily from your egocentric nature. In other words, if you are not recognizing or experiencing a conscious connection with your innate Divine Nature, the responsibility for this condition lies with yourself.

Some of the debilitating effects of an unenlightened ego are that you may become overwhelmed by the need to gratify worldly desires such as anger, lust, greed, doubt, selfishness, denial of your innate Divinity, and the many addictions that afflict you — and all of us — during skin school experiences. Other self-negating effects are anxiety, boredom, regret, depression, and self-pity — so that you feel powerless and victimized.

It is these purely ‘human’ tendencies that define the real Armageddon, MetaSpiritually interpreted, as the ‘holy war’ — the struggle between your egocentric self and your Higher Self. Your task — as is all of our task — is to subordinate your unenlightened ego to your Divine Nature in your current skin school experience.


Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

spirituality-abstract-profile-science-mind-dreamstime_l_36480622-WEBIt is important to understand some of the signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening. Take a moment and identify which of the following symptoms you have personally experienced:

  • Letting go of once tightly held religious beliefs, dogmas, and denominational biases.
  • Over-sensitivity to negative people, violent events and philosophies.
  • Becoming much more spiritual than religious by questioning unquestioned answers.
  • Establishing a fixed meditation space in your home and meditating more.
  • Having more meaningful and lucid dreams.
  • Becoming more aware of synchronicity (the seemingly unrelated events and signs you see and experience).
  • Intentionally breaking away from religious tribalism, blind conformity, outdated institutions, unnecessary customs, and the overall status quo.
  • Seeing the value in spending more time in nature and natural settings.
  • Reading more esoteric books, books on spiritual practices, and science books;
  • Changing what you do with your spare time, changing what you watch on TV, and subscribing to higher consciousness content on the Internet.
  • Being more aware of your transcendent Self and intuitive abilities.
  • Finding yourself more philanthropic and less materialistic.
  • Having a greater sense of inner peace and interconnectedness with all living things.
  • Adopting more healthy lifestyle eating.
  • Having higher thought Aha’s and occasional mystical experiences.
  • Becoming a “church alumni” and joining spiritually-oriented study groups.
  • Moving well beyond the anthropomorphic tribal god meme concept, and embracing a non-anthropomorphic Omnipresent Universal Consciousness (One Reality, Infinite Isness, Universal Somethingness) as the Ground of all Being and Non-Being.


What is Required to Become a Member of The Order of the Sacred Path?

The qualifications for the Order of the Sacred Path are based on the Universal Prosperity Formula — Mind, Idea and Expression — which is employed when spiritual teachers and practitioners want to divinely order their good.

Membership in the Order is based on three levels, or degrees, which initiates choose to move through. These three degrees are identified as Mind, Idea, and Expression.

Upon joining the Order, you will have an opportunity to gain thoughtful guidance, mentoring, training, and wisdom from compelling literature based on MetaSpiritual and scientific perspectives mentioned above to assist you in developing your spiritual* direction as you walk the Sacred Path on practical, spiritually-attuned, and enlightened feet.

* We differentiate the terms ‘religious’ and ‘spiritual.’ They are commonly believed to be synonymous; however, they are quite different. Being religious means worshipping an anthropomorphic deity in the sky. It is an outer-focused belief in a God separate from us. Spirituality, on the other hand, is internally-focused and means going within to connect with your innate Divine Nature.


You may seek membership into the Order of the Sacred Path by completing the Request for Admission Form, indicating your desire to become a part of the Order and your fulfillment of the requirements of 1st Degree Initiate (listed below). Upon acceptance, you may then choose to work toward the achievement of Levels 2 and 3. Certificates of Achievement are awarded at each level. Graduates of the Third Degree will be eligible to participate in an Initiation Ceremony, where you will receive a special plaque honoring this achievement.

Because Spiritual Enlightenment is not a static goal, the Order of the Sacred Path acknowledges the need for ongoing and continuous enrichment and spiritual adventures to continue to process. Therefore, the re-certification process occurs every 3 years, as defined in the process below. After four re-certifications, you become eligible for Lifetime Status in the Order of the Sacred Path.

Click here for the Requirements for each Level of the Order of the Sacred Path — and to apply for 1st Level Initiate status.