Retreat Scholarship Fund

An opportunity to help others attend this mind-stretching, Consciousness-raising Retreat!

Facilitated by Bil Holton, Cher Holton,

 Paul Hasselbeck, and Ron Fritts

All Ordained Unity Ministers and

Master Facilitators

You can be a hero to someone who is yearning to stretch their spiritual understanding and put the Truth Principles to practice in powerful ways!

Participants of our past Retreats were so enthused they said they would gladly help others attend future retreats! So here's a chance to make that happen!

If you would like to help out by contributing to our scholarship fund, we invite you to donate by clicking the button below. Any amount will contribute to helping someone experience this incredible spiritually enriching retreat, which can literally be a life-changer! Your gift is tax-deductible through Unity Center for YOUniversal Prosperity.

The Retreat will be held May 1-3 in Durham, NC -- so time is of the essence.  We have invited potential attendees who have financial constraints to apply for assistance (information is on the retreat information page) ... and we will use the funds collected here to offer a  percentage of registration financial support -- on a first come, first served basis. We already have several requests for assistance, and would like to be able to allow everyone interested to attend. 

2020-Retreat-Postcard-with heart -3rdVersion

(We also hope YOU will decide to sign up and be part of this totally new and unique retreat, packed with lots of great opportunities for deep dive discussions, spiritual enrichment, and community.)

This is an opportunity to bring others into our Spiritual Think Tank Experience of lively discussion, spiritual exploration, and experiential events ... as together we walk the spiritual path on practical, positive, prosperous  feet! 

Thank you for your generous support! We look forward to seeing YOU at the retreat in May if you are able to attend -- and know you will be sending your loving and powerful energy to support the event if you are unable to be with us in person! There truly is no geography in Spirit! We are grateful for your Giving Consciousness, affirming you will receive incredible and extraordinary blessings in your life as  result of your generosity!

Abundant Blessings!