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Science and Spirituality as a Spiritual Practice

binary-stars-webIs it not good to know what follows from what, even if it is not necessary for all practical purposes?
Suppose, for example, that quantum mechanics were found to resist precise formulation.
Suppose that when formulation beyond all practical purposes is attempted,
we find an unmovable finger obstinately pointing outside the subject,
to the mind of the observer, to the Hindu scriptures, to God, or even only Gravitation?
Would that not be very, very interesting ? (John Bell, physicist)

We love that quote by John Bell, because it reinforces the value of including science and spirituality as a spiritual practice! How can it be a spiritual practice, you might ask. When we recognize that current science disciplines, such as Quantum Physics, Neuropsychology, Molecular Biology, Socio-Psychology, Astrophysics, Geophysics, Nanorobotics, Parapsychology, Viral Ecology, to name just a few, are all discovering scientific proof for the spiritual Truths that have existed throughout the ages, we can bring a sense of inner peace and conviction to our spiritual connection with the Divine.

science-spirituality-telescopeOur Website celebrates the common ground between science and spirituality. By relaxing the boundaries that have traditionally kept science and religion separate, we believe we'll ultimately find the power of a greater wisdom through the dance between science and spirituality.

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With the awesome new discoveries hinting that consciousness may very well be the ground of all being since it affects everything from the cells of our bodies to the atoms of our world, there is a growing belief that the unified field quantum physicists are looking for is consciousness itself. What is exciting to us is that it has become the place where science, faith, and spirituality seem to be finding common ground.

The Cartesian separation between mind and matter occurred principally to allow science to pursue science without theological handcuffs. The intent to study "unconscious" mechanical matter without theological pruning launched the scientifically minded to examine the universe and its secrets.

The interest today in wedding science and spirituality is a Promethean task. Stealing the secret of fire (truth) from the sciences and presenting it to humankind is nothing less than a Sinai experience. Bringing spiritual insights into a material consciousness is a hero's journey.

parallel-universe-sxc668894_81543729Here are a few of the observations which surface when we look at the dance between science and spirituality:

  • There is no observer separate from reality because the observer and the observed are one.
  • The physical body (human, planet, solar system) is fundamentally made of information, vibration, and energy - and perceived as solid matter.
  • There is an underlying Consciousness that underwrites (connects) all things - visible and invisible. It is this Consciousness that is the ground of all being.
  • Time and physicality are ego constructs.
  • We are the Multiverse of universes learning about itself.

We hope you'll enjoy the connections between rigorous scientific concepts, research, and hypotheses and their spiritual counterparts. We share them as consciousness-expanding invitations for your spiritual enlightenment and personal growth as you seek to understand why you're here, how you got here, and where you're going once you leave this human experience (skin school).

Grab your favorite drink and a snack as you delve into this site to unlock your connection to the Universe. Enjoy a higher consciousness trip that will send you exponentially into the 'next' you; the newer, improved you, a repotted you; a quantum you; a more spiritual you; and a more metaphysical you.

Our intent is to help you master your human experience by walking the spiritual path on scientifically-attuned, 'quantumly-aroused' feet.

We'll start by giving you a few extraordinary quotes to ponder from the worlds of science, spirituality, and metaphysics. Then you'll see comparisons between scientific subjects and complementary spiritual insights on the same subjects to spark your imagination and tease out your wisdom.

We will do our best to give you good science and sound spirituality. You are welcome to draw your own conclusions on anything we post and blog us with your comments and ideas.

 How to Make Science and Spirituality a Spiritual Practice

Set aside some quiet time, and reflect on one or more of the following quotes or topic comparisons. Listen to your inner voice of Divine Wisdom, and pay attention to the messages you receive related to the quote of your choice. Ask yourself how the quote fits in with  your current personal theology. Does it fit smoothly and easily, or does it create a feeling of discomfort? What if you allowed the message of the quote to resonate with your deeper Self? How would it affect your beliefs? Your actions? Your enlightenment? What will you do differently as a result of your time with the new ideas and information?

A Potpourri of Science and Spirituality Quotes and Topics

(We are constantly updating and adding to this warehouse of quotes and topics, so feel free to re-visit us as often as your time and interests allow)


"The history of the universe is, in effect, a huge and ongoing quantum computation. The universe is a quantum computer. As the computation proceeds, reality unfolds."
(Seth Lloyd, physicist)

"In the field of consciousness, it appears that there's no clear boundary that tells us where we stop and the rest of the universe begins."
(Greg Braden, geologist)

"Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, we ourselves are.part of the mystery that we are trying to solve."
(Max Planck, physicist)

"Within and yet behind each invisible atom reposes the life order, love, and intelligence of Spirit, transmitted from the Absolute into a condition that appears as dense as matter. Behind each waterfall, every ripple in the sea, each furrow of brown earth,
within the throbbing breast of every singing bird and each brilliant flower is the presence of the Infinite."
(Marjorie H. Russell, minister).


From a Psychological Perspective

People name their cars, give their pets human names, refer to arthritis as Arthur, name hurricanes and storms and pray to humanlike gods. Humans, it seems, have a strong tendency to give nonhuman things human characteristics.* This tendency is called anthropomorphism.

Originally coined by Greek philosopher Xenophanes the term 'anthropomorphism' seems to be humankind's way of ascribing human worth, morality, and personality to nonhuman objects.

When it comes to anthropomorphizing God the practice seems to help humans simplify and cope with complicated invisible deities.

* Adam Waytz, Nicholas Epley, and John Cacioppo, "On seeing human: A three factor theory of anthropomorphism," Psychological Review, 2007.

From a Spiritual Perspective

Creating God in our image has always been humankind's way of missing the point entirely. Before you read the next paragraph you will need to keep an open mind and be ready to reconsider everything traditional that you learned about God. Are you ready? Fasten your seat belt.

There is no anthropomorphic God "out there" in the sense of a being separate from us and separate from the universe. We are God expressing at the point of us. You are God expressing as you. God, The One, The Infinite Invisibleness, Divine Mind is all there is. Unity's* poet laureate, writer, and minister James Dillet Freeman assures us that:

If the believer believes (God) to be Ialdabaoth, God answers as Ialdabaoth. If the believer believes (God) is Jesus, God answers as Jesus. God has answered millions of people who have called on (God) as Siva and Indra and Krishna and Ahura Mazda and Baal and Ru Amon and Thoth and Avalokita and Omilo Fo and Kali and Kwanyin. And (God) has answered just as freely to names like Mind, Wisdom Heart, Absolute Suchness, the Voice, and One, and the Abyss; for these, too, are names (God) has been named .

We invite you to visit our treatment of all four Gospels as advertised on this website. However, before you unfasten your seat belt you may want to take a look at the following statement from Helena P. Blavatsky (which we fully subscribe to): "I do not believe in an anthropomorphic God. I believe in a Universal Divine Principle, the root of ALL from which all proceeds. My Deity is the mysterious power of evolution and involution, the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscience and omni-active (our addition) creative potentiality."

* Unity Ministries Worldwide is located in Lees Summit, Missouri with its school of Christianity and seminary nearby in Unity Village, Missouri.


"It was necessary for (humankind) to evolve (its) awareness of deity in order that (we) might consciously, as an act of will, demonstrate that deity. It is through this process that (humankind) moves from a state of bliss in coexistence with * deity to an understanding awareness of (ourselves) as * deity."
(Robert P. Sikking, minister)

"We must free ourselves from the limitations of the personal ego. We must see ourselves as part of the whole.We can reach that state of consciousness referred to as illumination or enlightenment, spiritual awareness, sameddhi , or a state of grace."
(Donald Curtis, minister)

"When we understand us, our consciousness, we also understand the universe and the separation disappears."
(Amit Goswami, physicist)

"So, here we are - all part of this great hologram called Creation, which is everybody else's SELF.It's all a cosmic play, and there is nothing but you!"
(Itzhak Bentov, scientist, mystic)

"Time is not at all what it seems. It does not flow in only one direction, and the future exists simultaneously with the past."
(Albert Einstein, physicist)

"The great Truth taught by the mystics of all ages is: Life is lived from within-out. This means that the whole universe is concentrated at the point where you are. More than this - you are the universe expressing as you."
(Eric Butterworth, minister)

Cosmic Genealogies

From a Quantum Physics Perspective

Each of us is an atomic pastiche: the iron atoms in our blood carrying oxygen at this moment to our cells came largely from exploding white dwarf stars, while the oxygen itself came mainly from exploding supernovas that ended the lives of massive stars, and most of the carbon in the carbon dioxide we exhale on every breath came from planetary nebulas, the death clouds of middle-sized stars a little bigger than our sun. We are made of material created and ejected into the Galaxy by the violence of earlier stars.Human beings are made of the rarest material in the universe: stardust. Except for hydrogen, which makes up about a tenth of our weight, the rest of our body is stardust.Our bodies literally had the entire history of the universe, witnessed and enacted by our atoms. 2

1 John Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams, The View From the Center of the Universe, Riverhead Books, 2006, pg. 94.

2 Ibid, pg. 99.

From a Spiritual Perspective

Consciousness is limited by identity, and identity is a limited by ignorance. Most people tend to identify themselves with fairly narrow categories - a nationality, a race, a religion - which not only leads to conflicts but also to a stunting of imagination and potential. The wider our sense of identity, the more likely we will be able to experience our genuine connection to the universe.The discovery of our own cosmic genealogies may have a similar expansive effect. 1

The sequence in which everything is created in the six-day story is taken from the Babylonian creation story. In both the Bible and Babylonian creation myths there is a watery chaos in the beginning, then the creation of the firmament, dry land, celestial objects, and humanity - in precisely that order - before the creator rests. Many later commentators have proposed religious reasons why God created plants before the sun, moon, and stars, when everyone knows plants need sunlight.The likeliest explanation is that this was the order of the planetary Babylonian week, and it was simply adopted by the Hebrews along with the Babylonian calendar. 2

1 Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams, The View From the Center of the Universe, 2006, pg. 119.

2 Ibid, pg. 54.


"The Universal Principle of Being (Elohim God) designed all creation. Elohim is God in His capacity as creative power. Create means ideate. Elohim creates the spiritual idea which is afterward made manifest. God created not the earth as it appears but that which produced the earth." (Charles Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity movement)

"We do not have to die to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. In fact we have to be fully alive. When we breathe in and out and hug a beautiful tree, we are in Heaven. When we are aware of our breathing, our eyes, the heart, our liver, and our non-tooth-ache, we are transported to Paradise right away." (Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese monk)

"(Unfortunately), it (is) apparent how much modern research, discoveries and significant insights, yet clings to the external side of phenomena, and is not at present able to build a bridge to that which permeates the universe spiritually." (Hans-Werner Schroeder, priest, author)

"The common division of the world into subject or object, inner world or outer world, body and soul is no longer adequate." (Werner Heisenberg, physicist)

"The primary emphasis is on undivided wholeness, in which the observing instrument is not separated from what is observed." (David Bohm, physicist)

"Remarkably, modern Christian doctrine has moved a long way toward a picture of the integrated brain and mind, with its emphasis on the resurrection of the whole man through Christ, rather than the traditional idea of a distinct immortal soul being cast adrift from its material counterparts to carry on a disembodied existence somewhere." (Paul Davies, physicist)

"Every quantum transition taking place on every star, in every galaxy, in every remote corner of the universe is splitting our local world on earth into myriads of copies of itself. Here is schizophrenia with a vengeance." (Bryce DeWitt, physicist)

"To seek for supply, health, or even companionship is an impossibility spiritually, because spiritually there are no such things. Spiritually, there is only God; but in attaining God, we attain all that God is, that is, God appearing as all form. Let us not seek the forms of God, but seek the allness of God, and in seeking the allness of God, we shall have all the forms necessary to our own unfoldment." (Joel Goldsmith, mystic, author)

"They live in wisdom who see themselves in all and all in them." (Bhagavad Gita)

"The intellect functions in a particle-based reality. The heart operates as a wave-based reality. Our level of Christed awareness, and the perceptual framework on which we base our views of the world, creates the template from which we divine our daily experience." (Bil Holton, minister, author)

Many Worlds Interpretation

From a Quantum Physics Perspective

According to this extremely interesting interpretation, whenever a number of viable possibilities exist, the world splits into many co-existing worlds, one world for each unique possibility. Originally introduced at the "relative state of formation: by Everett 1 in 1957 it has been popularized and renames the many-worlds interpretation. 2

In each of these "worlds" everything is the same except for the moment-of-now choice. From the point of choice everything else develops independently, and no communication is possible between the "worlds." the people inhabiting those co-existent worlds have no idea of the other worldly decision-choice dynamics which occur.

The Many-Worlds interpretation views reality as a many-branched tree where every possible quantum outcome occurs. Each "world" branches endlessly in direct proportion to the incidence of choices made. Everything that can happen, happens somewhere.

1 Everett, Bryce, Relative State Formulation of Quantum Mechanics, Reviews of Modern Physics vol. 29, 1957, pg. 454 - 462.

2 Seligman, Bryce, DeWitt, R. Neill Graham, eds., The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics , Princeton Series in Physics, Princeton University Press, 1973.

From a Spiritual Perspective

What if the parallel universes of the many worlds theory are not material universes at all but spiritual dimensions of beingness? Suppose they are states of expanded awareness? And from this heightened awareness we can observe (sense) pathways of possibilities that are already there in archetypal form. From this realm of possibilities we tap into the manifest that which we will into form.

What if there are an infinite number of versions of us inhabiting simultaneous worlds, each triggered by choices we make each-consecutive-moment-of-now? For example, when we choose to go to a certain movie, there is an aspect of us, a quantum version of us, who chooses to go to a different movie or no movie at all. Once a choice is made there is a natural progression of events - and choices - associated with that choice in each "world" (parallel universe).

Suppose when the Christ as Jesus said, "In my Father's house there are many mansions"* he meant, "It is the nature of the Sacred Unity's (Father) Consciousness (house) that there are many levels of heightened awareness (mansions)." If this interpretation gets you thinking of the possibilities - good! If not, there's another version of you that is running with it, from a many-worlds perspective.

* John 14:2


"A strict interpretation of the Bible states that God created the universe in all of its entirety in a mere six days, but this explanation of our existence does not correlate with proven facts regarding the age of the Earth. Science cannot prove the existence of God or other supernatural occurrences because science is involved with the natural world and there are not such tools that have been developed to prove in the reality of an omnipotent force. Conversely, Genesis contains no scientific evidence nor provides an explanation of the diversity of life and the universality of cellular biochemistry in living organisms." (John A. Moore, biologist)

"Humanity, the world disciple (through its various stages of unfoldment), will enter into new states of awareness and into new realms or spheres of mental and spiritual consciousness.One of the lessons to be learned by humanity at the present time (a time which is the ante-chamber to the new age) is how few material things are really necessary to life and happiness." (Alice A. Bailey. Theosophist)

"A singularity is the nearest thing that science has found to be a supernatural agent." (Paul Davies, physicist)

"Our true work is to become 'at one' with the Christ of us. This 'at-one-ment' is expressed through our prayers, meditations, affirmations, denials (refusals to give power to outer appearances), and unselfish service to humankind." (Cher Holton, minister, author)

"In crossing a heath (moor) suppose I pitched my foot against a stone , and were asked how the stone came to be there: I might possibly answer that, for anything I knew to the contrary, it had lain there forever; nor would it, perhaps, to very easy to show the absurdity of this answer. But suppose I (stumbled across) a watch upon the ground, and it should be inquired how the watch happened to be in that place, I should hardly think of the answer I have given before that, for anything I knew, the watch might always have been there before. Yet why should not this answer serve for the watch as well as for the stone?" (William Paley, philosopher)

DNA and Human Emotions

From a Quantum Physics Perspective

In the mid 1990's, scientists working with the U. S. Army conducted an experiment to determine whether or not our feelings affect DNA which has been removed from the body. 1 It was reasoned that once tissue, skin, organs are removed from a human body, our connection with those removed parts should cease to exist.

The researchers collected a swab of tissue (DNA) from the inside of a volunteer's mouth. The DNA sample was isolated and placed in a specially-designed chamber and taken to another room in the same building. The donor, who was in another room located a good distance away, was shown a series of video images designed to elicit a wide range of emotional responses. While the donor was undergoing the 'treatment' the DNA in the room down the hall was measured for its reaction.

An extraordinary thing happened. When the donor's measured responses registered emotional "peaks" or "dips", the donor's DNA showed a simultaneous electrical response that either spiked or dipped. The DNA acted as if it were still connected to its donor at a distance.

Following those initial studies, Dr. Cleve Backster continued the experiments which, at one point, separated the donor from the DNA by over 350 miles. Even at those distances the measured responses between the DNA and the donor were instantaneous. 2

1 Julie Motz, "Everyone on Energy Healer: The Treat V Conference" Advances the Journal of Mind-Body Health, Vol. 9, Santa Fe, NM, 1993.

2 Jeffrey Thompson, "The Secret Life of Your Cells," Center for neuro-acoustic Research, 2000.

From a Spiritual Perspective 

Matter is not separate from Spirit. It is Spirit expressing Itself as matter.*

What if the mind (what we see and believe as mind) consists of 'non-local' consciousness "stuff" that is similar to the submicroscopic matter of quantum physics? What if the self of self-reference (our waking self) is merely the local (collapsed wavicle) self of the Universal Self (God, the One Reality) which is the Source and Ground of all that is?

Every experience we have is a collapsed wave. Every collapsed wave (experience) becomes a memory. Each memory becomes an imprinted record in our consciousness. Our consciousness warehouses every experience and uses experiences to quantify life experience. Our prior experiences, then, bias the brain-mind and we become conditioned to 'see' things in certain ways.

We begin to assume a myopic view of the world/universe as we become products of our limitedness created by our interpretations of experience. This interpretation is based on the assumptions, worldview, fabrications (all aspects of our self-referential programming) of our human ego which manufactures the self-object illusion to sustain its identity.

* Bil Holton, Gospel of John - New Metaphysical Version, Prosperity Publishing House, 2010, pg. 61


"Modern physics, with its discovery of the mutability of time, drives a wedge between God's omnipotence and the existence of his personality. It is difficult to argue that God can have both these qualities." (Paul Davies, physicist)

"When cosmologists talk about the origin of the Universe in a fireball of energy smaller than an atom, they mean the entire visibleUniverse.The total number of atoms in all the stars and galaxies of the visible Universe is estimated to be merely 10 raised to the power of 80 (1 followed by 80 zeroes)." (John Gribbon, physicist)

"Because the Akashic Records are an ' aetheric library' imprinted on an omnipresent akasha (a soniferous ether) we can mentally 'Google' all of the past, present, and future knowledge of the universe anytime we want when we are in certain states of heightened consciousness. Depending on our psychic sensitivity and Akashic interests we can even 'bookmark' various knowledge banks so the information is available to us instantly." (Bil Holton, minister, author)

"In our solar system there exist perfectly definite planes, each with its own matter of different degrees of density. Rising from the denser to the finer (essences) are the physical, astral, mental, Buddhic, and nirvanic. (There are) two remarkable characteristics of the astral world - first, many of its inhabitants have a marvelous power of changing their forms with protean rapidity. and secondly, sight on the astral plane is different from and much more extended than physical vision." (Charles W. Leadbeater, Theosophist)

"The strongest force used in the destiny of (each of us) is the sun first then the closer planets to the earth, or those coming to ascension at the time of the birth of the individual. But let it be understood, no action of any planet or the phases of the sun, the moon, or any of the heavenly bodies surpass the rule of our will power, the power of choosing for ourselves." (Edgar Cayce, psychic)

"According to quantum physics, what we think of as empty space - a vacuum - is actually seething with short-lived entities produced in this way. They are called vacuum fluctuations, or quantum fluctuations." (John Gribbin, physicist)

"The superior beings who created our universe inhabited a universe not greatly unlike our own. They were not only intelligent but intelligible, and were perhaps similar to our distant descendants who might also create universes." (Edward Harrison, astronomer, cosmologist)

The Divine Matrix

From a Quantum Physics Perspective 

There is a universal field of energy which Max Planck called a quantum matrix, Gregg Braden calls Divine Matrix. This universal field is called by many different names. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut, called it Nature's Mind. Superstrong theory physicist Michio Kaku refers to it as the "quantum hologram." That is the container, as well as a bridge and mirror, for everything that is within us and what we consider outside of us. This universal field extends from the smallest quantum atom and neutrons to the largest, most distant supernova and galaxy.

According to Gregg Braden the power of the Divine Matrix lies not only in its reliability but also in its spiritual relevance. Its four landmark tenets are:

  • There is a universal field of energy that connects all points of creation.
  • This universal field plays the role of container, bridge, and mirror for everything within our consciousness.
  • This field is nonlocal and holographic in nature.
  • We have an emotional connection with this field.

From a Spiritual Perspective

It is important to remind ourselves that words like universal field, quantum hologram, and divine matrix are all human constructs. What we call the universe and how we describe it depends on our level of awareness, openness to new information, and ability to language our experience. What we're suggesting is more than semantics. And it's certainly much more than a cavalier conversation about the concepts mentioned above.

This universal field, this divine matrix, this quantum hologram is the out-picturing of consciousness itself in spiritual terms. Although consciousness is outside of space-time its etheric or physical form is the quantum matrix Planck talked about.

Spiritually speaking, mind and matter and the universal field and matter are integrally expressions of one reality. However, that Reality is not based on matter because "consciousness is the ground of all being."*

*Amit Goswami, The Self-Aware Universe, Jeremy Tarcher/Putnam, 1993, pg. 106


"There is no picture - or theory - independent concept of reality. Instead we will adopt a view that we will call model-dependent realism: the idea that a physical theory or world picture is a model (generally of a mathematical nature) and a set of rules that connect the elements of the model to observations. This provides a framework with which to interpret modern science." (Stephen Hawking, physicist)

"We are astrological melting pots of individual consciousnesses becoming aware of ourselves. And our present condition (concept of ourselves) is astronomically configured with each choice we make. The 'signs' we create can become milestones or millstones in each incarnation we manufacture." (Bil Holton, minister, author)

"There is quite a chance that if there is a God, he will make something of the finitude and complexity of a universe. It is very unlikely that a universe would exist uncaused, but rather more likely that God would exist uncaused. The existence of the universe.can be made comprehensible if we suppose that it is brought about by God. This supposition postulates a simpler beginning that does the supposition of the existence of an uncaused universe, and that is grounds for believing the former supposition to be true." (Richard Swinburne, philosopher)

"I simply believe that some part of the human self or soul is not subject to the laws of space and time." (Carl Jung, psychologist)

"Is an atom a thing , or just an abstract construct of imagination useful for explaining a wide variety of things? If an atom really exists as an independent entity then at the very least it should have a definite location and motion. But quantum theory denies this. It says that an atom can have one or the other, but not both." (Paul Davies, physicist)

"We are localized 'islands of matter' endowed with non-localized consciousness." (Bil Holton, minister, author)

"Some critics have claimed that dogmatic rigidity means that every new discovery and every novel idea is likely to pose a threat to religion, whereas new facts and ideas are the very life-blood of science. The new physics has overturned so many commonsense notions of space, time, and matter that no serious religious thinker can ignore it." (Paul Davies, physicist)

"Awareness, in the sense of our familiar day-to-day mental processes, does not exist apart from or independent of the brain. The cause of this awareness is to be found in a preceding continuum of awareness, and that is why one speaks of a stream of awareness from one life to another.which is the subtle clear light of consciousness that continues beyond our physical demise." (Dalai Lama, Buddhist leader)

"When the province of physical theory was extended to encompass microscopic phenomena through the creation of quantum mechanics, the concept of consciousness came to the fore again. It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness." (Eugene Wigner, physicist, mathematician)

"The universe, and all in it, derives from a pre-manifestation state of latency and being, in which is contained the potentiality of all that ultimately emerges into manifestation. This be-ness rather than being, within which all is in a state of potentiality rather than actuality is a latent undifferentiated spiritual state in the process of emerging into its present manifested state. The vast evolutionary scheme has passed from latent unity and be-ness into a conditioned duality or polarization of opposites. These (opposites) are spirit and matter." (Helena Blavatsky, Theosophist)

"The consciousness that appears as the body - the consciousness that I Am - is becoming conscious of itself. When I no longer confuse who I am with a temporary form of 'me' then the dimension of the limitless and eternal - God - can express Itself through 'me' and guide 'me.'" (Eckhart Tolle, spiritual teacher, author)

Collapsing the Wave

From a Quantum Physics Perspective

One of the weirdest aspects of the quantum world is the fact that light has a somewhat schizophrenic nature. We're serious. It has the capacity to exist either as a wave or a particle. This tendency is referred to as wave/particle duality.

It appears that when a light photon is not being observed it exists in wave form, but at the moment it is observed, the wave collapses and becomes a particle. The act of observation collapses potentiality into reality. Prior to being observed the wave exists in a state of potentiality. That potential becomes manifest into a particularity when we look at it.

Amit Goswami, professor of physics at the Institute of Theoretical Sciences at the University of Oregon makes a rather startling statement about the fundamental nature of quantum physics. He says, "A strict adherence to an idealist metaphysics, one based on a transcendent, unitive consciousness collapsing the quantum wave1 , resolves in a nonarbitrary fashion all the paradoxes of quantum physics2 .

1 The idea that consciousness collapses the quantum wave was originally proposed by mathematician John Von Neumann in the 1930's.

2 Amit Goswami, The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, 1993, pg. 63.


From a Spiritual Perspective

The One (God), El Shaddai, Ahura Mazda, Omitofo, Yehovah, Allah, Brahman, EK Onkar, Elohim, Infinite Invisibleness, Kane, Siebog, Odin) becomes the many (matter in all of its forms: human beings, intergalactic beings, cosmic beings, invisible beings, planets, suns, galaxies, universes) is an ancient dictum. And, so, we propose, in a quantumly spiritual sense, the One (wave) becomes the many (particle) when consciousness assumes separation and duality (collapsed wave).

We are the activity of God (the One by many names) expressing Itself into visibility at the point of us. Most of the esoteric wisdom traditions allude to this truth.

Collapsed waves are particles expressing isness in limited, parametered forms. As collapsed "spiritual waves" we humans have chosen a "particulate existence" in order to understand who we really are.

Charles Fillmore*, Unity's co-founder said, "All growth and unfoldment from atom to sun is based upon the law of soul urge. The hungering for God (the One by many names - our addition) that is felt by (us) in (our) soul is really God hungering to express through (us) ."

*Charles Fillmore, Dynamics For Living, Unity Books, Unity Village, 1967, pg. 91.