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Keeping science and spirituality separate is a coward's way out, a cop out for those who want to keep humankind in the dark ages. 

By exploring a variety of concepts from both scientific and spiritual perspectives, Bil and Cher Holton clearly, articulately, and genuinely demonstrate there is a symbiotic relationship between science and spirituality—there always has been! 

Get ready for the dance!

Soft Cover, 6x9, 182 pages and digital version

Soft Cover Version
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Reconciling the Church's Science Phobia: The Dance Between Science & Spirituality

Covering 78 categories from 32 different scientific disciplines, the authors share a scientific perspective of each topic, followed by a spiritual (not religious) perspective that will enrich your thinking and enlighten your understanding. Get ready to join the dance!

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A Sample Peek at the Contents

These are just a few of the 78 categories you'll find in this unique collection of inspiring and enriching perspectives! Each one includes both a scientific and a spiritual perspective, for your own spiritual growth ... and to inspire and challenge the thinking of others!

  •  Acts of Kindness and Generosity
  • The Big Bang
  • Binary Star Systems
  • Collapsing the Wave 
  • Dark Matter
  • DNA and Human Emotions
  • Goldilocks Zone
  • Keystone Species

  • The Maharishi Effect
  • Nanobubbles
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Out-of-Body Experiences

  • Positivity
  • Quantum Entanglement
  • Quantum Turbulence
  • Re-Collapse of the Universe
  • Selflessness
  • Teleportation
  • Unified Field
  • Viral Symbiosis
  • Zero Point Field

Includes a Spiritual Perspective to Scientific Research focused on 32 scientific disciplines.

  • Discover what Quantum physicists say about the Big Bang and how it relates to a Spiritual perspective of human personality "wrinkles" (pages 12-13); 
  • Learn how a Mineralogical Perspective of Diamond Strength morphs into a Spiritual perspective of prayer (pages 40-41);
  • Compare a purely Neurobiological perspective on Meditation as Medication with the Spiritual perspective ... and what it means for your enlightenment (pages 73-75);
  • Gain insight into what Evolutionary Virologists are saying about Viral Quasi-Species and Mutation (think flu shots!), and the MetaSpiritual message you can extract from it (pages 152-153).

Get to know a little about Revs. Drs. Bil & Cher Holton

Bil-Cher Holton, seated

Revs. Drs. Bil & Cher Holton are ordained Unity ministers, metaphysicians, recognized Spiritual Thought Leaders, professional speaker,s and prolific authors. They have teamed up to run The Global Center for Spiritual Awakening, where they combine science and cutting-edge spirituality to inspire people to connect with and exhibit their Extraordinary Nature to create YOUniversal Harmony! Discover more about Bil and Cher and join their Order of the Sacred Path at their website:

Bil and Cher did not tackle this topic on their own! Meet their Science Advisor

Eric Donaldson

Eric Donaldson received his PhD from the University of North Carolina where he studied viral evolution and structural bioinformatics to further our understanding of how coronaviruses and noroviruses evolve to cross species barriers and evade the human immune response. He currently serves as a virology reviewer at the Food and Drug Administration and as an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology at UNC.

Reconciling Church's Science Phobia-cover

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