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Take a Lot of Selfies as a Spiritual Practice

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Taking selfies is fun, especially posting them online to share with your friends. We’re sure you enjoy ‘selfie-brations’ all of the time. Capturing selfie images always bring smiles. As your Spiritual partners, we hope you’ll add another selfie to your repertoire. And when you do, it’ll bring smiles to our faces. We’ve even turned it into a spiritual practice!

The ‘Selfie’ we’re talking about is your capital ‘S’ Self, the Spiritual You. The Real You. The incredibly Divine You! The you that has a Core Essence that is timeless, and transcendental, and eternal, and powerful beyond your wildest dreams.

It is the you psychologists and sociologists call your True Self, your Authentic Self. Carl Jung called it your Archetypical Self. Eric Fromm called it your Original Self. Carl Rogers referred to it as the Real You.


Neuroscientists call it your Deeper Self. Philosophers and spiritual leaders call it your Divine Nature, your Higher Self, your Transcendent Self. It’s the you we call your Christ Self, the Enlightened You, your Super Self. It’s your Christ Nature, your Buddha Nature, your Krishna Nature, your Allah Nature, your Great Spirit Nature.



It is the Wise You, the Spectacular You, the Unparalleled You, the One-of-a-Kind You, the Remarkable You, the Awesome You. It’s the Psychic You, the Cosmic You, the Universal You.

It’s the Clairvoyant You (the clear seeing you), the Clairaudient You (the clear hearing you), the Clairalient You (the clear smelling you), the Clairsentient You (the clear feeling you), and the Clairgustant You (the clear tasting you). It’s the you that can travel from one end of the Multiverse to another in a nanosecond!

It’s the you that can read auras.

It’s the you that knows what the winning lottery number will be this week. (We just wanted to see if you were paying attention!)

It’s the you that has miraculous healing abilities.

It’s the you that can levitate.

It’s the you that has remote viewing capabilities.

It’s the precognitive and post-cognitive you.

It’s the telepathic you.

It’s the you that is perfectly healthy, that has no imperfections or impurities.

It is the you that has been in skin school many times, waiting to unfold fully into your Christ Nature!

It’s the best kept secret you.

Unity’s co-founder Charles Fillmore reminded us in his Unity classic book, Keep a True Lent, that “‘Know thyself’ was inscribed above the temple door at Delphi. And it must be inscribed on our own temple, over the door of our mind.”

He might tell us today, “Get a clear picture of your capital ‘S’ Selfie and everything else will come into focus.”

Emilie Cady tells us in one of the first published Unity books, Lessons in Truth, that the “Source of all knowledge lies deep within us, waiting to be called forth to teach us the truth of who we are.”

In the Flow of Life, Eric Butterworth enthusiastically tells us the “most profound knowledge we can attain is that our whole existence flows inexorably from the universal us, which is the Christ Presence within.”


Here’s How This Spiritual Practice Works:

brain-pixelsThe purpose of this spiritual practice is to get a clear picture of your capital ‘S’ Self. That means avoiding pixelation! In computer graphics, photography and TV terms, pixelation is caused by displaying a bitmap or a section of a bitmap at such a large size that individual pixels are visible. Higher resolutions make the pixels invisible, but low-resolution images show the jagged and blurred edges of the images.

From a spiritual standpoint, simply avoid pixelating your Selfie, your True Nature. Avoiding pixelation means bringing your capital ‘S’ Selfie into clear focus by remembering who you really are: You are the human expression of the Christ Presence embodied as you!

Take pictures of yourself, and add affirmations claiming your True Nature. Post them online, on your mirror, in your briefcase or purse — anywhere you will see them and be reminded of the Truth of who you really are!

Have fun taking Selfies as a spiritual practice by keeping your Christ Self in clear focus, so you don’t pixelate your truth walk.

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