Sensory Awareness Activities

Sensory Awareness 30-Day Challenge: Activities

The goal of this 30-Day Challenge is to create an intentional process to amp up your meditation experience with the use of your five major senses. Using this practice for 30 days can transform the way you choose to use your five senses, literally rewiring your brain to rejuvenate your life experience, so you can master the art of living as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet.

Day 1:


Set up your schedule to allow a 15-30-minute timeframe for this meditation experience. This does NOT replace any meditation practice you currently have. This is an additional experience, focused on your 5 senses! On this first day, simply focus on each of your 5 basic senses, one at a time, and pay attention to what you experience. After moving through all five, take a deep breath, then move your attention to your heart center, to your deeper Intuitive Wisdom. Become aware of what message you get from your Intuitive Wisdom. Sit with it a few more minutes, then journal about this experience. Be sure to add your comments here so others can see what you are experiencing.

Day 2:


Today add something focused on your sense of sight. I am using our 12-Powers card deck today. Before getting into my meditation state, I have chosen a specific issue I want more guidance on. Then I randomly selected one of the cards, and during my meditative experience I read the card slowly, enjoying the visual colors, images, and words on it. I then focused specifically on the Power I had selected, and used it for the remainder of the meditation.

Day 3:


Today look for a way to focus on your sense of smell as part of your meditation. What we did today was use a few drops of Essential Lavender Oil on my forehead and wrists. Lavender Oil promotes relaxation and calmness, so we used this oil scent to heighten our sense of smell during our meditative experience.

Day 4:


Today look for a way to use your sense of touch as the focus of your meditative experience. We used a miniature finger labyrinth, tracing the path as we focused on the concept of clarity.

Day 5:


Today look for a way to add your sense of sound to your meditative experience. I decided to add music, since this is fairly easy to do. Look for a piece of music that might be a little different from the typical meditation music, just to enhance the focus on sound. Today I used the song This Majestic Land, from the CD Solace, by Michael Hoppe. The musical score infuses every cell and atom of my being as I allow this magnificent music to guide my meditative experience to new heights!
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Day 6:


Today is the day you can add taste to your meditative experience! We love this one!! Today we added the sense of taste by creating a fruit plate. This actually brought in the sense of sight as well, since the colorful fruit created a beautiful picture! (The preparation itself was a great spiritual practice!) Then, once we got into a meditative state, we ate the fruit very slowly and mindfully, paying attention to the different textures and tastes. We found ourselves experiencing extreme gratitude and appreciation, and a newfound enjoyment in the simple act of intentional and mindful eating. Our time extended beyond the 30-minutes weI had allotted for this practice!

Day 7:

Candle on the beach-DT-138181692

Now that you've focused on each sense, try combining two senses for today's experience. Here's what we tried: We combined the senses of smell and sound by lighting a scented candle and playing a soundtrack of ocean waves and beach sounds (like sea gulls). The combination of scent and sound, blended together, took us on a virtual vacation and we found ourselves feeling extremely refreshed and rejuvenated after this meditation. We also found this sense of relaxed energy staying with us the entire day, and we were more focused and creative in our work.

You've made it through the first week! Congratulations! Take some time to look back over your journal and notice how your sensory awareness has changed -- and how this has impacted you as you live your life! Then take a few minutes to add some comments at the bottom of this page, to share with others what you've experienced.

Then you're ready to move on!

Day 8:


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Today we tried something different, and recommend it to you! Meditating together, we took turns sharing affirmations out loud, then played some of our favorite meditation music while focusing on those affirmations. It was powerful! Try it with another person who understands this type of practice and supports it, or do it alone. Either way, you'll see the power of this particular practice!

Day 9:


Here's something fun to try today: write each sense on a piece of uncooked pasta and put them in a basket. Spend a few moments in meditation, then draw one of the pieces of pasta out of the basket. Whatever sense you select, focus on it throughout your meditation time. Let that sense become your dominate one for this meditation period, then journal the experiences you had. What thoughts came to mind? How did the sense manifest itself throughout the meditation experience? What creative ideas flowed? (Keep the basket of senses available to use again in other spontaneous meditation experiences.) We had a lot of fun with this one! Part of the fun is creating the pasta senses!

Day 10:


Today intensify your sense of touch by walking barefoot during your meditation time. Make it a walking meditation, where you walk slowly and intentionally, being deeply mindful of each step. We walked through our house (it was really hot outside!), and discovered a sense of awe in the many different textures of our flooring throughout our home. This would be fun to do at a beach area, or in a park.

Day 11:


Here's an idea to focus on the sense of sight. Take a few breaths and move into a meditative state. From that meditative awareness, look through some magazines and mindfully tear out a couple of pictures that jump out at you. Then take some time to focus on those pictures, asking your Intuitive Wisdom to share a message through those pictures. How do they relate to each other? What do they say to you from a MetaSpiritual interpretation? What inspiring thoughts come to you?

Day 12:


Today combine touch and sound for your meditation experience. We used several stones we've collected through the years, and focused on how they felt as we held them in our hands. We also played some beautiful ocean meditation music. I actually caught a whiff of ocean air -- no kidding! It's interesting how one sense can stimulate memories that bring other senses to the forefront!

Day 13:


Today combine sight and smell. Here's what we did: We got out some of our favorite wine glasses, and filled them with flavored sparking water. Part of the meditative experience was the slow, intentional pouring of the water -- noticing how it sparkled and fizzed as we poured it into the beautiful clear glasses. Then we smelled the water -- and noticed how we could actually feel the fizz from the sparkling nature of the water. (This added the touch sense to the experience!) We spent the entire meditation time simply focused on the glasses filled with sparkling water, picking the glasses up and swirling the water, watching the effects of it. As we ended the meditation, we toasted to the unusual experience and drank the water!

Day 14:


Are you still with us? Congratulations if you are! Today is a good day to return to what you did on Day 1. Simply go into a silent meditation, and one by one, focus on each sense for a few minutes, and pay attention to what you experience. After moving through all five, take a deep breath, then move your attention to your heart center, to your deeper Intuitive Wisdom. Become aware of what message you get from your Intuitive Wisdom. Sit with it a few more minutes, then journal about this experience. Compare it with what you experienced on Day 1. We were amazed at how much more vivid our senses appeared to be, and how much clarity we experienced with each sense!

You're ready to move on to Week 3!

Day 15:


You are halfway through this 30-day challenge, so today's challenge is to write a comment at the bottom of this page, sharing your most favorite experience so far in this challenge. If you've created a really powerful or unique sensory infusion meditation on your own, pass it on so others can try it!

Day 16:


Today's challenge: look for a way to combine sound and taste during your meditation time. We decided to create a plate of food that would create different sounds and stimulate different tastes, and use these foods as an eating meditation. Here's what we chose (using stuff we already had available in our kitchen!): crunchy salty peanuts; Colby cheese cut into cubes; fresh pineapple chunks; apple slices; peanut butter in celery; and pieces of dark chocolate Krunch bars. Really interesting and fun experience that elicited amazing ideas!

Day 17:


Today's challenge is to combine touch and sight. Here's an idea: Get some colored sand. During your meditation, focus on the colors and the feel of the sand as you create a miniature sand mandala or some kind of sand picture on a piece of cardboard or wax paper. Spend some time in silence once you are done, contemplating what the mandala says to you. Then reverently pick up your mandala and scatter the sane outside, knowing you are releasing the energy to the Universe.

Day 18:


Your challenge for today - Go for a walk through your neighborhood, and focus specifically on your senses. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you feel? What do you taste? When you give intentional attention to your senses, you become aware of a large variety of things you've never noticed. Become aware of how these new sensory experiences affect your thoughts.

Day 19:


Here's an interesting challenge for today's Sensory Infusion meditation: Whip up a box of instant pudding in your favorite flavor. (If you want to be even more creative, mix up two different colored flavors. Spread out wax paper, and dump some pudding on it. Take a few minutes to get into a meditative state, then use the pudding to finger paint! Be mindfully focused on the feel of the pudding and the different textures you can create. Licking fingers is absolutely permissible during this experience!

Day 20:


Today's challenge to your senses is to choose one sense and find three ways to stimulate it during your meditation. We chose hearing, and played soft music in the background. We used our singing bowl, and added our chimes. It was such a cool experience to create the variety of sounds, which blended together nicely. Then we added three OMs before going into a Silent Meditation time.

Day 21:


We're moving into our last 10 days for this challenge! It's time to go deeper! Today your challenge is to take the experiences of your sense of sight, and meditate on your Inner Sight. What do you "see" when you close your outer eyes and allow yourself to truly see into your Deeper Self? Journal your thoughts, ideas, and experience as you do this.

You're ready to move on!

Day 22:


Today your challenge is to go deeper with your sense of sound. Go into a meditative state, and close your outer ears as you allow yourself to become aligned with your Intuitive Wisdom. Listen to the message from your Intuitive Wisdom ... and become conscious of how your inner sense of hearing works for you. Some people actually hear a voice; others 'hear' without words; others simply 'sense' the message. No right or wrong -- but it is extremely powerful to understand how you 'hear' your Intuitive Wisdom speak to you.

Day 23:

Today's challenge involves going deeper with your sense of smell. Did you know you had an inner sense of smell? Certain fragrances and aromas can trigger the Divine within us, arousing memories from past lives and images relating to messages from our guides and our Higher Self. During your meditation time today, light a scented candle or incense, and focus on the aroma of the scent. Breathe slowly and deeply, becoming aware of the visions the scent creates for you. Realize the Divine Energies being stirred up through the power of your sense of smell. Capture your experience and any insights from this meditation.

Day 24:


This is the day to deepen your focus on your inner sense of touch. From a spiritual standpoint, we heighten our sense of touch through our inner 'feeling.' Today's challenge invites you to take time to go deeply within, focusing on your breath as you inhale and exhale. Become aware of how your breath feels as it travels through your body, and notice any areas where you experience a blockage of any kind. Focus on those areas, gently laying your hands upon the spot where you feel blockage (if you can do so comfortably and easily. If it is a difficult to reach area, visualize yourself laying your hands on that area). Send energy of healing and wholeness to the affected areas, and become aware of how it feels. Journal your experiences with strengthening your inner sense of feeling.

Day 25:


The focus for today's Sensory Infusion meditation is deepening your sense of taste. We savor the taste of spiritual enrichment as it feeds our soul, just as good food feeds our body. Today's challenge is to seek out a new quote related to your spiritual enrichment, and take that quote into meditation. Feed on it, chew on it, reflect on what it means to you and how it impacts your enrichment. Notice the 'flavors' that generate within you as you zero in on the deepest meanings of your quote. We call these 'Spiritual Hors d'oeuvres.' Here's the quote we used during our meditation: Intention appears to be something akin to a tuning fork, causing the tuning forks of other things in the universe to resonate at the same frequency. (Lynne McTaggert) (Note: It's okay to stimulate your enjoyment of today's challenge with a delicious snack!)

Day 26:


Today your challenge is to bring your sense together as you meditate. We chose to play a beautiful nature soundtrack, featuring ocean waves and sea gulls. We added a scented candle, an image of the ocean, a sea shell to hold, and a dish of peanuts to eat. This created a powerful sensory meditation that took us deep. Be creative with how you bring all five senses together, and allow the stimulants you use to move you deeply into the inner levels of your senses.

Day 27:


Go for a walk today. We walked a nearby labyrinth, but you can choose anywhere. The focus for your walk is to be aware of how your senses have become more heightened since Day 18, when you took a walk in your neighborhood. What do you notice that you took for granted in the past? Be aware of your feet on the ground and how they feel as you take each step. Listen for sounds that require keen hearing. How is the air around you feeling? Go through all your senses, and become acutely aware of what messages you are receiving.

Day 28:


Today, spend at least 5 minutes in meditation focusing on some issue or question you are working with. Then create a collage using a variety of textures and shapes. Allow the collage to emerge from your deepest being, speaking to you with insight and understanding. When you are through, keep the collage in front of you for the next several days, paying attention to the deeper messages you intuit as you reflect on it.

Day 29:


Today your challenge is to use your meditation time to go into the Silence ... with no outer stimulation ... just Silence. As you move into your meditation, set an intention to be aware of how your senses impact your meditation. Capture any insights and experiences you have. We discovered that when we are in a deep meditative state, our senses are heightened. We noticed scents we were not really aware of, and our inner eyes created very vivid imagery. Be ready for some unusual experiences!

Day 30:


Are you noticing that your senses have become more heightened and active during this 30-day challenge? Today we invite you to use your meditation time to focus on a question or issue you are wrestling with. Choose some way to stimulate your senses as you set an intention of receiving ideas and solutions. We used the Yin-Yang image, writing our question in bright colors on textured paper within the Yin-Yang symbol. Then we used fresh fruit and sparkling water to create our own little spiritual communion ritual, followed by time in the Silence. Amazing ideas flowed during this meditation! Be ready to capture ideas!

30-Day Challenge Completion Ritual


CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed your 30-day challenge! If you're like us, you are probably realizing the incredible usefulness of your senses (inner and outer). As a 30-Day Challenge Completion Ritual, we recommend the OM meditation. Get into a meditative state with your breathing. Then, slowly repeat the OM sound, holding it as long as you can comfortably. At the end of each OM, gently use your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth, as this stimulates your Third Eye. Following the 3 OMs, move your awareness throughout your body, from the tips of your toes all the way to the top of your head. Pay attention to the various feelings created as you do this. Open your eyes, and be very aware of what you are seeing. Listen and be aware of what you are hearing. Be still and KNOW! Bless all your senses and thank them for all the ways they work together to serve you!

Reinforcement for Your 30-Day Challenge


The value of a 30-day challenge is the ability to create a new habit that supports your spiritual growth. This particular 30-day challenge focuses on your senses and how you can enhance them so you are experiencing them on a daily basis. You have the ability to elevate your sensory awareness beyond the physical realm. For the next 30 days, continue to put a focus on how you are experiencing your senses. Later this month we will be posting information about the myriad of other senses we all have. As we strengthen our 5 major senses, we open ourselves to connect with our other senses at a higher, more elevated level -- and soar to new spiritual heights. Keep your Sensory Awareness Meditation time as a regular part of your meditation practice! And share how you are noticing a deeper understanding through your heightened awareness!

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