Sensory Infusion: 30-Day Challenge

30-Day Challenge!

Sensory Infusion

Why Do This Challenge?


The goal of this 30-Day Challenge is to create an intentional process to amp up your meditation experience with the use of your five major senses. (We realize there are way more than 5 senses ... but for the purposes of this challenge we are focusing on the five major ones: Sight, Sound, Scent, Touch, and Taste. 

Using this practice for 30 days can transform the way you choose to use your five senses, literally rewiring your brain to rejuvenate your life experience, so you can master the art of living as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet.

Here's How This Challenge Works!

Schedule Your Time

Over the next 30 days, commit 15-30 minutes every day to this spiritual practice. Feel free to continue with any other types of meditation you normally practice. Just keep this particular practice separate and focused specifically on this technique.

Create Your Sensory Infusion Experience

During this specific meditation time, look for ways to add sensory stimulation to your meditation experience. Here are some examples:


Read inspirational material and/or look at beautiful pictures, then spend time in the Silence reflecting on it; use cards like the 12 Powers Card Deck as an inspiration for your meditation; meditate in natural settings, with your eyes open to what’s around you.


Include music in your meditation time. Vary it, and try some new and different types of music to see how the various music styles affect the meditation experience. Move to the music to allow your body to embrace the sensations. You might also use your denials and affirmations, speaking them out loud so you hear yourself saying them!


Include scented candles or incense as part of your meditation time. Use scented oil as an anointing ritual. Perform your meditation in a garden, with scents of fresh flowers.


Add a tactile feature to your meditation time. Hold special stones or beads; walk barefoot in nature; stand in a stream and let the water run over your feet.


Try an eating meditation, where you totally focus on each bite, savoring the texture and taste of the food, allowing gratitude and appreciation to flow through your being as you partake.

Journal About Your Experiences and Enjoy the Results!

Each day, record a brief description of the meditative experience you created, along with a summary of how it affected you. Then, as you go back into the world of appearance, become aware of how differently you are using your five senses, as they have become sensitized, activated, and enlightened. Notice the emerging power of that sixth sense — your Intuitive Awareness. Begin hearing it, listening to it, trusting it, and acknowledging the impact of following it.


Click below to download a PDF version of a Journal Page for this activity. You can make copies to write on and save -- or you can copy and type right into the PDF form.

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Bonus Information About Our Senses!

There’s some variance in the number of physical senses that neuroscientists say we humans have, but there’s complete agreement that it’s many more than the proverbial five physical senses (sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch). Here are some of the other ‘basic’ physical senses we have other than the five listed above :

  • Pressure (cultaneous mechanoception)
  • Itch (pruritus)
  • Light changes (opsins)
  • Sensing time of day (circadian rhythms)
  • Heat (ciliopathy)
  • Vibration (mechanoreception)
  • Temperatures (thermoception)
  • Pain (nociception)
  • Thirst (osmolite threshold)
  • Balance (equilibrioception)
  • Kinesthetic sense of space (proprioception)
  • Hunger (ghrelin)
  • Direction (grid cells in entorhinal cortex)
  • Time (norepinephrine and dopamine)
  • Muscle tension (Golgi Tendon Organ)
  • Muscle length (muscle spindles)
  • Skin stretching (stretch receptors)
  • Chemoreceptors (detecting salt, carbon dioxide, drugs, etc. in our blood)
  • Walking surface and texture changes (pacinian corpuscles)
  • Seeing sounds as colors (synesthesia)

 We could add cognitive senses like common sense and 6th sense; however, we sensed that there’s no sense in doing that, since it would add too much content.

Here's a link to read more about additional senses scientists have identified, charting 33 (although, no surprisingly, not all scientists agree!)