Special Services We Offer

Special Sacred Services

Customized specifically for you!


Sacred services are an important part of your life, and it is often difficult for people who consider themselves more spiritual than religious to find a ceremony that resonates with their beliefs and meets their needs. We want to help you honor the celebrations and transitions in your life with special services customized for you, and may be performed at the location of your choice. All our special services include a beautiful certificate, commemorating the event, suitable for framing. Prices for our special services and ceremonies vary depending on the extent of customization for the ceremony, the amount of rehearsal required, and location. Beginning at $225 (fees for venue, food, and special memorabilia items are not included in our fees).

Contact us to schedule your special service.


Services include:

  • Customized Weddings
  • Recommitment Ceremonies
  • Baptisms and Christenings
  • Celebration of Life Memorial Services (including ceremonies prior to death)
  • Animal Blessings
  • House and Office Blessings
  • Celebration of Special Events



We work with couples to plan a special ceremony that reflects their beliefs and lifestyle preferences (we are happy to perform traditional and same-sex ceremonies). Our services offer many unique options, such as a Unity candle, a sand ceremony, hand-binding, heart-centering, custom vows, and more.


shell heart on sand

Renewal of Vows

Celebrating a relationship that has stood the test of time is powerful, and we offer a beautiful renewal of vows service that is inspiring and meaningful.



We celebrate the belief of Original Blessing rather than original sin, and our christenings/baptisms reflect this beautiful concept. Using sacred water and a rose, our service can include participation of other family members(including siblings), god-parents, and friends.


Special Occasion Blessings

We offer a variety of special blessings to celebrate life changes, new beginnings, and other meaningful life events, such as blessing ceremonies for new home, pets, office, new business, release of a home (affirming the right and perfect buyer), and new vehicle. Each ceremony is customized for your event and location, and includes a beautiful certificate commemorating the event.


Celebration of Life/Funerals
& Graveside Services

Our uplifting and inspiring services provide a sacred and beautiful opportunity for family and friends to celebrate the life of  their loved one, and affirm that there is no separation or geography in Spirit. These services can be customized to address and honor the faith traditions and beliefs of the loved one.


Cremation Service

Many people are choosing cremation as their preferred alternative to traditional burial services. We have created a very special service to be conducted during the actual time of the cremation (either at the crematorium or  other location of your choice). This ceremony celebrated the loved one, and affirms the transformative release from the physical body into the energy of Light.