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We welcome you to The Global Center for Spiritual Awakening -- our cyber spiritual meeting place to master the art of living, as together we walk the spiritual path on practical feet!

What is a Spiritual Practice?


Spiritual practice refers to the intentional and purposeful choices you make, actions you take, soul deepening habits you adopt, and rituals you perform each day to nurture your connection with your Divine Nature. It means becoming consciously one with your Higher Self so you can master the art of living by staying connected with your own truth and purpose.

It is an intentional personal journey inward to experience your ‘soul-fulness.’ And you do that by building into each day spiritual practices that keep you focused on your spiritual growth. A spiritual practice is not a dogmatic path, nor is it a ‘worship a god in the sky who is an entity separate from you’ path. It is a path of Self-realization that acknowledges that you are the human expression of the Eternal Presence (God) expressing Itself at the point of you.

These links will take you to hundreds of spiritual practices you can try out as you begin to build your personal spiritual practice. We encourage you to try them all — and keep checking back because we are always adding more!

What Techniques Constitute a Spiritual Practice?


Spiritual practices can take many forms. And that’s the wonderful thing about devoting yourself to a spiritual practice. You can decide what techniques and activities constitute your over-all practice! While the forms of spiritual practices may differ, the intent is the same: nurturing the connection with your Higher Self which we call the Extraordinary You.

The spiritual practices we share with you are all sacred experiences, whether they involve just a few precious moments or take longer nuggets of your time. Spiritual practices are often considered events (meditation,  walking a labyrinth, yoga, peace vigils, chanting, creating a mandala, fasting, affirmative prayer, etc.). However, life itself can be a spiritual practice. Everything you think, say, and do can be considered a lifestyle spiritual practice (washing dishes, texting a friend, listening to music, Facebooking, jogging, eating, taking a shower, camping, fishing, hiking, etc.) — when you are seeking a conscious connection with your innate Divinity.

Anything that allows you to get in touch with the sacred, to quiet your mind, to connect with your Higher Self, to honor the divinity in others is a spiritual practice. Our entire website is filled with spiritual practices. And we’re adding more every week.

Developing a regular spiritual practice is a highly personal and intuitive process. We feel certain you’ll find the perfect practices that resonate with your core being.

We applaud your desire to live a more spiritual life. You’ll find it’s the difference between surviving and thriving. The transformation you’re seeking – we’re all searching for – is possible when we enrich and enliven our lives by adopting a daily spiritual practice.

Here are seven benefits you’ll receive from a daily spiritual practice:

It connects you with your Higher Self and the inner peace, joy, wholeness, happiness, and soul depth that characterize that sacred alignment.

It touches you so deeply that even the ordinary moments become extraordinary moments in the sense that you see how it contributes to your continued unfoldment and spiritual direction.

It brings you the satisfaction of a broader outlook on life as you find yourself smiling inwardly and reverently with the confidence and assurance you’ve gained through daily practice.

It opens doors to higher spiritual, esoteric, and metaphysical thought because your over-all consciousness operates at a higher octave.

It insures that a positive outlook and a sense of groundedness come more readily regardless of what you are experiencing.

It brings a sense of freedom and control, a preference to show compassion and kindness, and deepens your authenticity and integrity.

It teaches you a reverence for life and the importance of present moment living as you become a student of your own awakening.

How to Create Sacred Space

Since we believe spiritual practice is a lifestyle practice, the sacred space you create can be anywhere you are. You can choose a fixed spiritual space like a special room, or a corner of a room, or even a window sill for spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, listening to music, drawing, painting, writing, creating small mandalas, and even exercising if the space is roomy enough.

Our fixed spiritual space is a room upstairs. One of the walls is a stone wall with paintings and banners hanging on the walls. The other three walls are adorned with pictures, photographs, paintings, plaques, and dream catchers. We have a love seat and cushions in the carpeted area, flanked by music equipment and religious keepsakes and ornamentation. Our altar has a bust of the Christ as Jesus, candles, singing bowl, and copies of the metaphysical Gospels. Several Buddhas and candelabras have their special places on the floor.


Our area reflects our eclectic approach to spiritual practices. We have a singing bowl, chimes, busts of Jesus and Buddha, the Unity wings, and much more—all designed to create a sense of inner peace.

We light candles (mostly battery-operated for safety!) every time we use this room and enjoy the ambiance of just being there. There is a special energy that permeates the room and people who enter our meditation and prayer room feel it. The room itself is an altar to our spiritual practice.

Whenever we’re out-and-about we see whatever we do as part of our spiritual practice. Since we take our spiritual ‘headquarters’ with us it is easy to incorporate whatever we do as a spiritual practice. Essentially, our body is the altar in mobile spiritual space. And our mind/body connection ensures that the human us, no matter where we are, exemplifies the spiritual us. Recognizing that mobile spiritual space is just as important as fixed spiritual space helps us see everything we do as spiritual work.

You can also create a mobile spiritual space that travels with you wherever you go because that mobile space is you, the active you in motion. Examples of these spiritual practices are: running, walking, working in the yard, hiking, washing dishes, ballroom dancing, golfing, going to the theatre, gardening, cycling, vacationing, etc.

We recommend both fixed and mobile spiritual space, of course, because spirituality is not something you do separate from daily living. It is how you frame your daily living! Aligning your human self with your Higher Self is walking your talk. It is walking the spiritual path on practical feet. It is turning the ordinary you into the extraordinary you!

We’d love to hear about your favorite practices and, with your permission, we'd like to post them on our website so others can see the benefits of a sacred journey.