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Spiritual Education … where you can
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We are pleased to offer a spiritual education experience that will help quench your thirst for spiritual growth. Our on-line curriculum is designed to give you a wide range of personal and spiritual development experiences to transform your thinking, feeling, and doing. Each educational experience is transformative and will help you master the art of living by walking the spiritual path on practical feet.

Our on-line education goal is to provide practical spiritual tools, advanced knowledge, mind-stretching opportunities, and the shepherding you need to become more conscious of your innate divinity. We provide both wings and landing gears to show you how to use that knowledge to find immense happiness, joy, and inner peace.

graduation cap, books, and diplomaOur spiritual educational programs offer metaphysical, metaphorical, and esoteric insights to help you appreciate the richness of Biblical accounts. You can deepen your Christian experience by discovering the hidden wisdom that underwrites all literal interpretations of scripture. If you want more substance out of your Bible study, if you want a more expanded view, we believe you will find these metaphysical interpretations of the Bible exhilarating and enriching.

Each self-study snapshot, on-line webinar, podcast, blog entry, and onsite workshop offers powerful, transformative, inspiring, and enriching spiritual content that is Christian-focused and metaphysically-contexted. The exciting thing is that you can choose the learning experience that suits your learning style!

Our spiritual education learning offerings are not as much ‘New Thought’ experiences as they are ‘Further Thought’ experiences. Although we honor the wisdom and spiritual insights of other faith traditions our focus is on positive, practical, progressive Christianity.

Our curriculum is grounded in seven basic Truth Principles (Scroll on down to see what we mean when we say God):

  • God is absolute good, everywhere present, all-knowing, all-powerful, and everywhere active.
  • We are God expressing through the Christ at the point of us. Our very essence is divine and, therefore, our true nature is inherently good.
  • We create our experiences by the activity of our thinking, choices, and actions since everything in the material universe is underwritten by consciousness.
  • Prayer, meditation, visualization, positive affirmations, and denying the power of outer appearances heighten our connection with our true Christ Nature. It is this indivisible connection with our Christ Self that creates divine ideas leading to wisdom, healing, prosperity, inner peace, joy, and deeper spiritual insights.
  • There is no appreciable conflict between spirituality and meta-science. Each perspective is complementary and adds immeasurably to our spiritual growth and understanding.
  • A metaphysical perspective to Christianity is a necessary condition for Christianity’s continued growth and relevance.
  • Studying and learning Truth principles is not enough. We must also apply these Truths to our daily lives. That means we must let our Christ Light shine brightly each consecutive moment of now!

The possibilities for your spiritual growth are unlimited. If the ‘spiritual you’ is nudging the ‘human you’ toward becoming happier, healthier, wealthier, and wiser, we believe you will find our on-line curriculum the perfect companion as you walk the Christian path on metaphysical feet.

We invite you to join our on-line spiritual education family. We look forward to meeting you in person when we have the privilege of presenting one of our programs at your church, conference, and/or spiritual retreat.

Free Class: Unanswered Prayer

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* The God of our understanding is not a white-bearded, anthropomorphic deity in the sky who punishes some and rewards others. It is not a deity who micromanages the universe. Our understanding of God is that God is the Eternal Isness, the One Reality, Infinite Beingness, the One Power and Presence which underwrites all of the manifest and unmanifest. We are not separated from that Presence. As one of our favorite Unity ministers and writers, Eric Butterworth, has said, “The allness of God is in the eachness of us.” We have more to say, much more to say, about this Eternal Presence in the self-study snapshots, blogs, and onsite workshops you participate in once you enroll in our MetaUniversity.