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Spiritual Enrichment Activity: A Cornucopia of “Stuff” — Phase 2

Cornucopia of Stuff -- Part 2

Cornucopia-Stuff-SpiritualPractice-ca22257358In Phase 1, we asked you to go into your closet, garage, office, or any other place that is a little cluttered with too much stuff, and choose five things to release. (Here’s a link to Spiritual Cornucopia, Phase 1, in case you missed it.) Now it’s time for Phase 2!

Go once again into your closet, garage, office, or any other place that is a little cluttered with too much stuff! This time, choose five things you definitely, intentionally want to keep! ONLY FIVE!

Sit a few moments and reflect on each of the five items you selected. Use the following questions as a template as you spend some time with each of the five items:

  1. What memories do I have related to this item?
  2. Why do I feel so strongly that I want to keep it?
  3. What can I do with this item (and where can I put it) so I honor it, and use it with love?
  4. How is this item like something within me: some thought, attitude, belief that I want to be sure to keep so I can feel more spiritually enriched?
  5. What action can I take to ensure I strengthen this inner thought, attitude, or belief?

Now allow yourself to feel abundant joy flow through your total being as you lovingly and happily put the five items you selected to good use, allowing each one to serve you in a powerful way!

We would love to hear about your experiences as you practice this Spiritual enrichment Activity!

BONUS IDEA: We keep a box in our garage, and challenge ourselves to put one thing each day that we no longer want to keep. When the box is full, we take it to Good Will, or some other appropriate location, affirming that these items will bring someone incredible joy as they use them! We've found it to be an incredibly powerful practice.