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Spiritual Enrichment Activity: A Cornucopia of “Stuff” — Phase 1

Cornucopia of Stuff -- Part 1

SpiritualPractice-Release-ca-21757332This is a great activity to do in the fall, with the exciting energy of change blowing in on crisp air and colored leaves!

Here’s the process:

Go into your closet, garage, office, or any other place that is a little cluttered with too much stuff! Choose five things to release. ONLY FIVE! You can choose to throw them away, give them away, or sell them — your choice. But just choose five things.

Before you take action on releasing them, sit a few moments and reflect on the five items you selected. Use the following questions as a template as you spend some time with each of the five items:

  1. What memories do I have related to this item?
  2. How does it make me feel when I think about releasing it?
  3. How is this item like something within me: some thought, attitude, belief that I want to release so I can feel more spiritually enriched?
  4. What action can I take in my spiritual life that is similar to releasing this item?
  5. How do I feel as I decide to take that action?

Then allow yourself to feel abundant joy flow through your total being as you lovingly and happily let the five items you selected go!

We would love to hear about your experiences as you practice this Spiritual enrichment Activity!

Here’s a link to Phase 2 of this spiritual enrichment activity!

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