Spiritual Practice: 20/20 Foresight

Spiritual Practice: 20/20 Foresight

20-20-foresight-gsThis spiritual practice is great for helping you master your ability to handle seemingly difficult situations with ease, grace, and success, using information about the Four Functions of Consciousness (Thinking, Feeling, Sensing, or Intuiting).

Here's how:

Before reacting to a difficult situation or making a difficult decision, allow yourself some time for reflection.

Ask yourself for your first thoughts/inclinations about what to do, and determine whether it is generated by your Thinking, Feeling, Sensing, or Intuiting mode.

Then consider how you could use the remaining functions to address the situation.

Blend all the ideas together to create a powerful response, which draws upon all four functions of Consciousness.


BONUS: If other people are involved, consider what their strongest preferred function would be, and identify how you could respond from that perspective.

Example: If I am working with a manager who is very strong in the Sensing mode, he/she responds best with fact and supporting material to underwrite my request. Even though my preferred function is Intuiting, it would be wise for me to take the time and effort to provide the supporting data, in order to get the most positive response from this manager.