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Spiritual Practice: Commit Yourself!

Spiritual Practice: Commit Yourself!

This is a Spiritual Practice related to our radio show, Metaphysical Romp II. (If you haven't been listening, you can check out our archived shows at

This practice invites you to reflect over the a-ha's you have had as you've listened to our shows and used the variety of Metaphysical Adventures we've shared. This week, we are asking you to COMMIT YOURSELF!

Choose one thing -- yes, just one thing -- and make a commitment to practice it every day this week. (It is actually better if you make a commitment to practice it for a month, but we're going to be easy on you!)

As you make the commitment to consistently practice whatever you choose for the entire week, notice what impact it has on you. Be aware of your resilience, your level of inner peace, your stress levels, your emotions, etc.) It is useful to journal your observations so you can track your progress and identify the positive impact your spiritual practices are having.

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