Spiritual Practice: Divine Multiburst

Divine Multiburst

DivineMultiburst-200x300This spiritual practice allows you to focus on the power of Divine Order as it relates to your creation abilities, recognizing the power you bring to the process of Mind -- Idea -- Expression.

Here's How:

  • Every day this week, take some time out to focus on this activity.
    Choose one item each day -- some object you particularly like. It could be a photograph, a special stone, a scented candle, a meaningful book, a favorite pen, a coffee mug, etc.
  • As you look at the item you selected for the day, respond o the following questions:
    - What Divine Idea(s) underwrite this object?
    - How else could the same Divine Idea(s) be manifested into a different experience?

Suppose you chose a scented candle as your object. Your responses might look like this:

  • The Divine Ideas underwriting this candle are beauty; sensory awareness; peace.
  • Other ways these Divine Ideas could be manifested: a flower arrangement; a unique recipe; a creative way to stage a home for sale.