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Spiritual Practice: God Is …; I am …

Spiritual Practice: God Is …; I am ...


From a spiritual perspective, we know that God is not a person in the sky, but instead God is Principle -- unlimited, unchanging, eternal. This activity allows you to begin applying your new understanding of God to your every day life.

When you find yourself in a difficult or uncomfortable situation (i.e., feeling sick; not having enough money to pay your bills; relationship issues; job-related problems; feeling out of sync with the Truth of who you are), follow these steps:



  • Breathe deeply and slowly, allowing yourself to become centered in the awareness of your Oneness.
  • Say, "God is …" and fill in a word or phrase that is the Law, essence, or Divine Idea of the situation. Examples:
  • God is wholeness; God is abundance; God is love; God is harmony…
  • Then follow this up by saying, "I am …" and use the same word or phrase.

Specific examples:

If you have just received a diagnosis of some health challenge, you might say: "God is Wholeness and Life; I am Wholeness and Life!" "God is Divine Strength. I am Divine Strength!"

If  you are having difficulties with your boss at work, you might say: "God is Love and Harmony. I am Love and Harmony!" "God is Understanding. I am Understanding!"

Bonus Tip: If you have difficulty with imagining God in this realm, try replacing the word "God" with the word "Principle" or "Truth."



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