Spiritual Practice: Holy Cow Technique

Spiritual Practice: Holy Cow Technique

This is a great spiritual practice to use whenever you feel frustrated, irritated, upset, angry, or indecisive — any time you feel out of sync with the Truth of who you really are. For example, you might be feeling like you don't have enough money to pay the bills, or maybe your computer isn't working properly, or your boss just yelled at you, or you are experiencing a health challenge, or you feel overwhelmed with everything you need to do in the time you have to do it! In these situations, there is a tendency to feel stuck, paralyzed, unable to make a decision to move forward. We may find ourselves saying, "Holy Cow! Why is this happening to me? I don't know what to do!"

Whenever you find yourself in a "Holy Cow!" situation, big or small, try this quick hit technique to bring you back to center, in alignment with your awareness of Oneness. The word COW serves as the acronym to help you remember it quickly!

C = Choice

Ask yourself, "Do I have a choice here?" (Hint … the answer to this one, 99.9% of the time, is yes!) The point here is to recognize that your situation is happening in the relative world, where you have the ability to change something. You might be able to change the outer situation, and you definitely have choices about how you think, feel, speak, and act related to the situation.

O = Options

Ask yourself, "What are my options?" Make a list of all the possible choices you have, even if some of them are not particularly enticing to you. The key with this section is to recognize that you have the power in this situation. Options equal power!

W = What/Why

After reflecting on all the options you identified, ask yourself, "What do I choose to do and Why?" Here you are taking action to move from inaction to action. By identifying not only what you will do, but why, you put energy and intention behind the choice you make. You want to choose actions that allow you to use Truth Principles in the highest, most elevated way.

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Now the rubber meets the road! You need to actually do it!

At the end of each day, identify at least three choices you consciously made that had a positive effect on you. This will reinforce the power you have over your destiny, and remind you that you have everything you need to master the art of living, as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet.

6 thoughts on “Spiritual Practice: Holy Cow Technique

  1. This is a great tool to use. So many times, we feel trapped by a situation – as if we have no influence on the ultimate outcome. Going through these steps deliberately can help us understand that we do have options.

  2. Thank you, Renée! Your feedback means a lot! Let us know how you experience this technique — and share your own favorite spiritual practices!!

  3. I love this new Metaphysical Romp….great information for living life to the fullest! Thank you, Bil, Cher & Paul!

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