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Spiritual Practice: I Am, Therefore I …

Spiritual Practice: I Am, Therefore I ...

This is a great Spiritual Practice that can help you know yourself at the deepest level. We recognize our point of power when we realize we are never stuck with who we think we are -- or how other people think we are! Use this fun activity on a regular basis, and claim  your power!


Descartes famously said, "I think, therefore I am." Take a few moments and complete the following sentence as many times as you can, with verbs you feel describe the essence of who you are:

I _________________________, therefore I am.


(Examples: I teach, therefore I am; I dance, therefore I am; I garden, therefore I am; I am a parent or grandparent, therefore I am; I play the piano, therefore I am.)


Now comes the fun part! Review the sentences you wrote, and flip-flop the sentence. For example, I am, therefore I think; I am, therefore I teach; I am, therefore I dance …)


Notice how you feel as you read the new, flip-flopped sentences. What do these new sentences tell you about yourself from a metaphysical perspective? The I AM comes first, and is the most important aspect of you! Who you think you are is an effect of, and flows from, how you use your Divine gifts and ideas.


Here's a really interesting twist: If, as you read the flip-flopped sentences, it does not resonate with your being, it is time to explore that awareness more deeply. See if it leads you to a recognition that you are spending time and energy involved in:

(a) something that is not the Truth of who you are,

(b) something that is not using your gifts and skills at your highest, most elevated levels, or

(c) is simply not yours to do.

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