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Spiritual Practice: Innie or Outie?

Spiritual Practice: Inner or Outie?

SpiritualPractice-Innie-OutieThis practice is designed to help you create an awareness of your Point of Power -- your Internal Locus of Control -- and claim it! 

Locus of Control is a term psychologists use to describe where we perceive our source of power to be -- either internal or external. Someone with an external locus of control will tend to attribute outcomes to external circumstances and people, which those with an internal locus of control believe that outcomes are under their own control, and they are responsible for their actions and consequences of choices. For fun, we call these tendencies "Innies" and "Outies." (

Here is a summary of research about Innies and Outies..

Your Spiritual Adventure:

When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed, pressured, angry, or any other emotion that is not in alignment with the Truth of who you really are:

  • STOP! Breathe deeply to connect with your heart center.
  • Ask yourself: What is causing my feelings? (You may want to record your responses.)
  • Assess your response as to whether it is reflecting an "Innie" or an "Outie" Locus of Control.
  • Chances are, it is an "Outie," refuse to give any more power to outer world of appearance or other people. Determine what, specifically, you do have control over. Then create affirmations grounded in that Truth and take actions fueled from your Inner Locus of Control. Be an Innie!


You applied for a job, but were not selected. You are feeling upset, rejected, and extremely disappointed.

As you ask yourself what is causing your feelings, you jot down phrases such as: that interviewer did not like me; the questions were stupid; the interviewers all were multi-tasking and did not even give men time to  respond fully. I bet they already knew who they were going to pick."

Recognizing these are "Outie" responses, you now review the situation as an "Innie." I was rushed getting to the interview, and may not have looked as confident and prepared as I could have; perhaps I did not spend enough time learning about the company so I could respond effectively. I can learn from this experience to help me on my next interview.


I attract myself to the perfect job that uses my skills and gifts, where I work with people who respect me and enjoy working together.

I am prepared and ready as I interview with skill and Divine Wisdom.

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