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Spiritual Practice: Living in the Dramatic Pause

Living In the Dramatic Pause

Any big award show or reality TV show knows how to keep the audience in suspense when it is time to announce a winner … or who is going home. They draw things out by the powerful use of the Dramatic Pause.

Think about it. In every case, they say "… and the winner is …" or "… and the person going home tonight is …" and then there is the Dramatic Pause. They may even go to a commercial break before the big reveal … or play ticking clock music while the camera pans over each contestant.

Here's the deal: In that Dramatic Pause lies infinite potential. Until the announcement is made, anyone can win!

This week, imagine yourself living in the Dramatic Pause. As you approach a situation, do this:

  • Be still -- Breathe and connect with your heart center.
  • State your issue.
  • Say, "And the answer is …"
  • Then wait, and allow ideas to flow through you as the field of Infinite Potential transforms through your conscious selection to manifest an idea or solution.


Prepare to be amazed as you learn the power of living in the Dramatic Pause.

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