Spiritual Practice: Notice This!

Notice This!

This is a seemingly simple, incredibly powerful metaphysical adventure to use as a spiritual practice. All you need to do is be aware! As you go about doing whatever task it is you are doing, pay attention!


  • What is changing?
  • What is not changeable?
  • What are the implications?


Here's an example:

Task: Balancing your checkbook. 

Notice what is changeable (relative):

  • The amount of money available.
  • The reasons I am writing checks.
  • My emotional attitude as I perform this task.

Notice what is not changeable (Absolute):

  • The laws of mathematics.


I have control over the things that are changeable. My choices create my reality.

As a result, I can choose from a higher, more elevated level of Consciousness as I do what it is I need to do.


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