Spiritual Practice – Rewind Technique

Rewind Technique as a Spiritual Practice

This particular spiritual practice is designed to help you recognize the connection between the Absolute and Relative realms, and to validate the impact of your power as you make choices to create the manifestation in your daily life. This is an activity you may want to revisit regularly, to nail it int your awareness!

The Process:

Look at something you have completed. It could be some yard work or landscaping; a sewing project; an article you have written; a work project; a chore around the house — anything that has a definite completion point.

As you reflect on the finished result, realize you are viewing an outer manifestation of a Divine Idea which began in the realm of the Absolute as Infinite Possibility.

Now comes the fun. Grab a pen and begin to write down all the steps you took to reach the final outcome … working in reverse! Imagine you are viewing the project using the Rewind function of a camera, and you are moving backward one frame at a time. List each step, continuing until you reach the beginning point which is the idea in your head to do it. Then identify what Divine Idea(s) are at work at this level.

Once you have completed the write up, review each step, identifying two things:

(a) If it is a relative step (able to be changed), consider what different choices you could have made at that level, and how it would have affected the final result.

(b) At each step, what was your emotional state? How did you feel at that point; what were you saying to yourself; how would you define your attitude; what kind of energy were you sending out?

Notice how many possible outcomes could have evolved from the original Divine Idea … and how much power you had over the final manifestation. Use this to reinforce the power you have to create your experience at each consecutive moment of now -- and begin using your power to create the life you want.


Here's a quick example:

Completed Project: I paid my monthly bills.

Rewind of steps:

  • Bills are paid and everything is put away. I feel great!
  • I took bills to the post office and mailed them.
  • I sealed the envelopes and put stamps on them.
  • I addressed envelopes and inserted the checks and statements.
  • I wrote each check, writing the word "Gladly" before the statement "Pay to the order of…"
  • I set out the bills to be paid -- got organized.
  • I decided to pay the bills by writing checks and mailing them.
  • Divine Ideas: Order; Integrity; Prosperity/Abundance/Gratitude

Example of one step of the review process:

  • As I review the steps, I realize I could decide to pay the bills on-line. The entire process would look different -- end result the same (unless, for example, I ran into computer issues while paying the bills …)
  • I could choose to be angry and resentful instead of writing "Gladly" on each check. 

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