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Spiritually Speaking:

A Glossary of Spiritual, Religious, and Modern Day Secular Terms
For Those Who Are More Spiritual Than Religious


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If you see yourself as either an Unfulfilled Church Attender, Church Alumni, and/or a Church Avoider – you will positively, absolutely love this Glossary. It is an A-Z, 491-page, 5,800 term glossary that provides you with metaphysical interpretations of a wide variety of modern day spiritual, religious, and secular terms, with a few of the traditional favorites making cameo appearances.


Since you’re probably on the cutting edge of a shift in consciousness from religion to spirituality, you don’t want to be handcuffed by dogma or blind obedience to religious teachings that are out of step with our time. Hurray!

If you’ve come across other metaphysical glossaries that seem too lunatic fringe for you, you’ll be happy to know this glossary is not only much more sane, but it’s filled with whimsical, laugh-out-loud definitions of a wide variety of modern day spiritual, religious, and secular terms.

Your search for higher truths is a testament to your search for who you are, why you are, where you’ve come from, and where you’re going. And I believe you’ll find that your search for a reader friendly glossary is over when you open this one!

This Glossary stays outside of dogmatic blinders and the underbelly of religion. It offers a grander, more spiritual perspective on important concepts, events, human qualities, and relationships that either dampen our spiritual growth or foster our collective enlightenment.

That being said, we must add that there is no exoteric, spiritual, religious, metaphysical, esoteric, theosophical, anthroposophical, allegorical, metaphorical, literal interpretation of sacred scripture, and/or secular writing that is definitive by itself, including this Glossary. Interpretations are just that – interpretations! They’re meant to enlighten, not handcuff you!

Take a peek at this remarkable Glossary. You’ll see that the bandwidth of resources used to create this work in progress is broad and comprehensive in order to offer you the best in scholarship and down to earth spiritual practicality.

While interpretations and translations are offered to shed more light on the path of Self-discovery, they can occasionally miss the mark, no matter how well intended, because ultimate truths aren’t fully known. Metaphysicians, including myself, are still trying to connect the dots when it comes to ultimate knowledge. So, it’s not rocket science to suggest that even the best thinking is only an approximation of ultimate truths.

You can be sure this Glossary, this well-thought-out approximation, is written for people like you who are forward thinking and open-minded.

You will see ancient truth traditions, spiritual and esoteric knowledge, and cutting edge science combined in order to offer you the clearest, most sane, and 21st Century relevant content to support your spiritual growth.

Picking up this Spiritual Glossary will require you to keep an open mind as you expand your awareness, and broaden and deepen your knowledge of the esoteric meanings associated with even the most mundane things. People, animals, plants, places, and events are interpreted as aspects within our own consciousness (thoughts, emotions, tendencies, inclinations, habits, talents, skills, and behaviors, etc.).

We believe you’ll find this Glossary interesting, easy to navigate, validating your own inner wisdom, stimulating, fun, edutaining, and most of all enlightening. We honestly believe you’ll find that it’s a breath of fresh air!

Here’s a few samples of what you’ll find is this remarkable Glossary:

Abracadabra-ing: employing mindfulness meditation, affirmative prayer, and positive affirmations as the open sesames to healing and enlightenment;

Apocalypse: the end of an egocentric level of awareness which has been raised to its super-conscious expression as Christ Consciousness; the end of a stale belief system; our true spiritual nature is revealed by going through a dark night of the soul;

Babymoon: the period of time when neophytes enjoy basic esoteric teachings before they are introduced to more advanced teachings; (In social networking, a relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born);

Capital Punishment: self-imposed pain and suffering caused by our complete disregard for our innate divinity;

Cha-Ching: the sound of materialism;

Chatter Bomb: an intrusive thought that enters, and possibly spoils, a meditative experience;

Defriending: dropping error thoughts, words, and actions from our life experience; (In social media terms, defriending is the act of removing someone from our list of friends on Facebook);

Embedded Theology: dogmatic religious thoughts and biases that have been with us since childhood; literal interpretations and misinterpretations of religious scripture that limit our thinking; (In Born to Believe, Andrew Newberg asserts that “from a neurological perspective, images of our (Deeper Self) are unavoidable, but from many theological perspectives, there is no true image of that (Deeper Self). Thus, if you cling to your childhood perceptions, you will limit your perception of the nature of your (Deeper Self). This is the drawback to any (belief system) that insists upon a literal image of the (Deeper Self). If you limit your vision, you will probably feel threatened by those who have more expanded visions of their (Deeper Self);

Golgotha: the place in consciousness where we cross out error (crucify); the brain (which is in the skull) is transformed by the power of the mind at the moment of our enlightenment; the Crown Chakra;

Heaven: living joyfully, confidently, faithfully, and lovingly at the speed of our Christ Consciousness; Christ Consciousness (the Kingdom of God); fully enlightened super-consciousness; the state of consciousness that is underwritten by purity, sacredness, reverence, universal love, harmony, and unity with the Eternal Presence; our default state of consciousness; when heaven opens it means a higher level of spiritual awareness is achieved; in the midst of heaven means an enlightened perspective; (The original Greek word used for Heaven is ouranos which literally means expanding, widening, magnifying, maturing. So Heaven is a process. It’s an adverb not a noun. It’s not a physical place. It’s a state of consciousness available to us while we are alive).

Mausoleum, Crypt, Catacomb: our subconsciousness;

Optical Delusions: giving power to outer experiences; worldliness; (Many people are in a prison of sorts. They are incarcerated by optical delusions. Many people throttle back their consciousness by holding onto past beliefs and old scripts that keep them mired down in the shadows of rigid convention, religious dogma, and unhealthy assumptions. They live in a world of shadows, a world that gives power to outer appearances instead of inner transformation);

Paparazzi: persistent regrets; reoccurring bad habits;

Whiplash: what happens when our poor choices catch up to us;

The interpretations you’ll find in this Glossary are derived from over 40 years of metaphysical Bible study, interviews with highly credible spiritual teachers, and my own personal and professional research in the esoteric perspectives of world religions.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why haven’t I heard about this glossary before?”

Our answer to you is – because it’s all about divine timing!

You are ready for the hidden truths contained in this one-of-a-kind glossary or you wouldn’t have come across this opportunity!

Your timing is perfect, because it took us 40 years to have this metaphysical knowledge ready for you. It wouldn’t have been available for you until now!


Bil-Cher-BackToBack-smallAbout the Authors: Revs. Drs. Bil & Cher Holton are ordained Unity ministers and have been writing, speaking, teaching, coaching, and publishing for over 30 years. Their metaphysical teachings and ability to bring spiritual truths into down-to-earth clarity help people the world over walk the spiritual path on practical feet.

Your interest in spiritual interpretations of scripture and everyday life events proves that you are on the cutting edge of a global spiritual renaissance.

Your interest in understanding the hidden truths in the world you live in means you will be on the growing edge of making a difference instead of the dull edge of mediocrity:

  • Use this exceptional book as a Personal Study Guide! The research reach and depth of this Glossary extends across all of the world’s faith traditions. The insights you’ll gain are global.
  • Use it for Group Classes! Spiritually Speaking stimulates a lot of discussion, as group members gain new insights into familiar events and stories.
  • Use it for Dream Analysis! You can search for key words or phrases to gain a deeper perspective on those unusual dreams you are having.
  • Use it for Idea Generation! Whether you are creating sermons, small group lessons, or spiritually-focused training classes, this Glossary will be indispensable!

You’re going to find that you are more of a metaphysician than you think, because there will be a lot of interpretations that will resonate as true for you. You’ll feel the rightness and undeniable depth of the definitions! They’ll make sense at a soul level.

Order your copy today, and begin making metaphysical sense of the world! See how it offers powerful messages to help you master the art of living so you can walk the spiritual path on practical feet!

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You may be ready to purchase this extraordinary book, but want to know what others have said about it … so I’ve included a few of their comments below:


Read What Others Have to Say…

“I thoroughly enjoy reading your glossary. Although it is not something you read and put away. You have produced a remarkable body of work.” (Dr. Fritz Maier, Austria)

“You are very smart in including both modern day and yesteryear terms.” (Warren Haas, Maine))

“It’s like being in a candy shop. And my favorite flavor is ‘metaphysical.’ You have brought my life to life.” (Beverly Adams, Nevada)

“Your book, Metaphysically Speaking, is a monument to New Thought.” )

“You have such eclectic tastes in metaphysics. The quality of your research is amazing. Dank u zeer.” (Erik Van Dijk, Netherlands)


spirituallyspeaking-glossary-cover-webOrder your copy today, to begin discovering the treasure trove of metaphysical interpretations in Spiritually Speaking: A Glossary of Spiritual, Religious, and Modern Day Secular Terms For Those Who Are More Spiritual Than Religious

$39.95 — Soft Cover Version (Free Shipping in US) — BUY NOW      

15.00 Digital PDF Version — BUY NOW

9.99 Kindle Version — BUY NOW


There’s one more thing we’d like to say.

Just the fact that you’re looking for a good spiritual glossary and coming to our site tells us you are one of the growing number of enlightened beings on the planet. So, whether you buy from us today or not, we applaud your interest in your soul growth.