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Your gift of any amount is used to support the growth of our local spiritual community. Your generous contributions will go towards:

  • space rental, insurance, application for our 501(c)(3) non-profit status, and other administrative costs necessary to provide this spiritual community in Durham;
  • purchase of materials used as part of the dynamic, interactive community events;
  • on-going research and development of spiritual practices, special events and workshops, and content-rich blogs and articles for your on-going growth and spiritual enrichment;
  • Stipends for your ministers and visiting guests who present as part of our spiritual community.
  • Support for individuals and organizations who provide spiritual enrichment to our community.

We are so grateful you want to be an active part of supporting our community, and thank you for your generosity! 

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A note about our 501(c)(3) status: We are currently in the process of completing the application for non-profit status. Until we receive approval, your contributions will not be tax-deductible. However, we will keep accurate records of your gifts, and provide Giving Statements for your records. 



About Our Spiritual Café Experience in Durham, NC

Our Mission: Help you master the art of living by walking the spiritual path on practical feet.

Our Desire is to create a community of people who consider themselves more spiritual than religious, providing an opportunity to meet in an informal, simple setting. Our events include inspirational music, thought-provoking presentations which include science and spirituality, practical spiritual practices, and lots of interaction and discussion.

We Meet at the beautiful Millennium Hotel, located at 2800 Campus Walk Avenue, Durham, NC 27705.

Our Schedule:

Our Spiritual Café-Durham Sunday Experience meets regularly at
10:30 am-noon on the FIRST and THIRD Sundays of the month.

In addition, we have a special event whenever there is a FIFTH Sunday (powerful music, in-depth workshop, etc. -- always something different)! Our first Fifth Sunday event will be July 30.