Power Up Your Beliefs Worksheet

Power Up Your Beliefs Worksheet Click here to dowload a PDF of the Power Up Your Beliefs Worksheet Used to determine how we may unconsciously use the 12 Powers ineffectively […]


12 Powers Sliding Scale

12 Powers Sliding Scale This spiritual practice is designed to strengthen your awareness of how you are showing up at different situations, and how effectively you are using your 12 […]


Using the Twelve Powers

Power Up Your Awareness! Using the Twelve Powers as a Spiritual Practice This spiritual adventure strengthens your understanding and awareness of the Twelve Powers, and how you use them to […]

12 Powers Images

12 Powers-Images The Twelve Powers: Images                 Click here to download a PDF of the 12 Powers Images Click here to dowload a […]


Books for your Spiritual Practice and Spiritual Enrichment   Newest Products: Life-Changing Spiritual Practices, Volume 1 (Bil Holton, Cher Holton) If you have been searching for a way to add […]