This Prayer’s for You – Richard Mekdeci

 If you are feeling lost, frustrated, in need of strength and support, we invite you to listen to this incredible song by Richard Mekdeci, This Prayer’s For You.Note to Church […]


Why Aren’t My Affirmations Working?

Why Aren’t My Affirmations Working? This is one of the biggest questions we deal with in our spiritual coaching practice, as well as when we are teaching classes in the […]


Spiritual Practice: Partner Up for Prayer

Partner Up for Prayer This spiritual practice is designed to allow you to gain familiarity with the 5-Step Prayer Process: Relaxation Concentration Meditation Realization Appreciation Carefully choose someone of like […]

Practice & Awareness Check: TO or FROM?

Metaphysical Adventure: Practice & Awareness Check: TO or FROM? This Metaphysical Adventure invites you to become more familiar with the 5-step Affirmative Prayer Process, and rewiring your habits to align your […]