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Take 365 Vacations This Year!

Take 365 Vacations This Year!

Listen to Rev. Cher Holton explain this unique and powerful spiritual practice — or just skip down and read all about it!



vacation-sandals-web-gs-300x225Wow! Is that a great benefit package or what? We’re serious! Actually, let us be very specific here. Take 365 SPIRITUAL vacations this year. Before you freak out and start telling us about your busy schedule, let’s define what we mean by a spiritual vacation.

Here’s How This Spiritual Practice Works:

A spiritual vacation is any specific amount of time in your day, from as little as 15 minutes all the way up to the entire day, where you intentionally choose to do some activity that is focused on your spiritual growth and enrichment. Let’s give you some examples to illustrate how you could do this, depending on the amount of time you have:

Fifteen minutes to an hour: meditate; read a chapter in an inspirational book; listen to some spiritual music you enjoy; do some yoga exercises; pick a short spiritual practice from this book and do it; practice a mindful eating meditation.

Three hours: walk a labyrinth; take a class for your enrichment; go for a hike in nature; create a dreamscape collage; get a massage; focus on one of your seven Core Essences; contemplate on one of your 12 spiritual powers and choose an activity that strengthens it (The Power Up Your Life book we wrote is chock full of exercises to do that).

Full day: Go on a silent retreat; take a full-day class for your own spiritual enrichment; spend the entire day doing lots of little things that feed your soul; gather a group of like-minded friends and watch a movie, then interpret it metaphysically.

Part of the value of this specific strategy is to push you to try new things. For example, there are hundreds of types of meditation. You could take a month, and try a different type of meditation every day: a guided meditation; a Kundalini meditation; Following Your Breath meditation; eating meditation; walking meditation; drawing meditation; working meditation; sand mandala meditation; laughing meditation; singing meditation; scripture meditation … the list goes on and on. This one spiritual practice could take you through half the year, easily!

Here’s the deal: As you experience a new form of spiritual enrichment, you experience a shift in consciousness! You’ll find it’s not about taking enough time out of your day to “Be Spiritual.” Instead, you’ll discover that you’re living your life AS Spirit!” Do you feel the difference? Spend more time as the Extraordinary You (your Higher Self) instead of the ordinary you. You will begin to experience what it means to make your life a spiritual practice.

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