Take the Fillmore Challenge

Spiritual Practice: Take the Fillmore Challenge

FillmoreChallenge-236x300Unity's co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore, once said: "Never make an assertion, no matter how true it may appear on the surface, that you do not want to see manifest in your life."

Those are powerful words that can literally transform your life! So here is a great Spiritual Practice for you: Challenge yourself to go for 24 hours following this statement. For a full day, see if you can only affirm things you want to manifest in your life! If you slip, the clock resets, and you begin your next 24-hour challenge!

Let's look at what this really means! It means you don't say things like "I'm having a bad hair day" -- because you certainly don't want bad hair days manifesting in your life! It means you refrain from saying "I can't afford that" -- because you definitely don't want lack of money to manifest in your life!

This practice requires you to rethink how you speak -- because your words reflect your thoughts -- and your thoughts create your reality. So instead of the bad hair day statement, you could simply affirm "I am amazing, and project the inner beauty of who I am to the world!" In place of the lack statement, you could affirm "I choose to use my abundance for the most important things in my life."

Affirmations are not designed to create lies about your experience, nor are they magic formulas designed to conjure up miraculous things in your life. Affirmations are statements which affirm the Truth (capital T Truth) of who you really are, and bring your awareness into alignment with Truth. Things do not become true because we affirm them; we affirm things because they are Truth! So take the Fillmore Challenge, and go for a full 24 hours affirming only Truth -- only what you  want to see manifest in your life! Notice the powerful difference this Spiritual Practice makes on your thoughts, words, and feelings as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet!