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Thanksgiving Songs-Reworded

© w/ permission

We love the Thanksgiving holiday, and really enjoy the music of the traditional Thanksgiving songs We Gather Together and Come, Ye Thankful People Come. But the words feel very antiquated and lack the spiritual resonance we crave! So … like any good rebellious spiritual Truth Seeker would do, we decided to recraft the words to bring more meaning for us. We share the lyrics below, and invite you to sing these words to the traditional melodies — and enjoy the season of gratitude and thanks-living!



We Gather Together (rewritten from a Spiritual perspective):

We gather together declaring our blessings;
In joy and thanksgiving, embrace everyone;
Affirming, progressing, the Truth as us expressing,
Sing praises and rejoice, for we know we are one!

In laughing and loving, in guiding and serving,
We send out our light and our love so divine.
In true celebration, we share appreciation;
We’re grateful for our gifts, as we let our lights shine!

Lyrics: Cher Holton
Music: Netherlands Folk Song; Arranged by Edward Kremser

Come, Ye Thankful People, Come (rewritten from a Spiritual perspective):

Come, ye thankful people, come,
Know that you are welcomed home;
Join as One in hearts that care,
Celebrating what we share.
Inner peace that calms the storm,
Inner guidance reassures,
Filling life with love and fun,
We are grateful, we are One,

Lyrics:  Cher Holton  
Music: St.George’s Windsor, George J. Elvey


© w/ permission


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