The Molecular You (A Guided Visualization)

The Molecular You (A Guided Visualization)

person-nervoussystem-sunrise-300x202Inside of your body, in the microcosm of your inner being, are the subtle vibrations of a molecular world. You are composed of communes, colonies, cities and continents of trillions of cells in action. Your body is filled with cellular life. You are composed of hydrogen atoms and subatomic particles like quarks, leptons, and gluons that were present at the Big Bang.

Quantum physicists tell us that we are literally stardust as physical beings. Subatomic parts of you are 13.8 billion years old. Other parts of you are a billionth of a second old. At a molecular and cellular level you are a universe that is designed as a physical container for housing your particular level of consciousness and spirituality.

You will see that to simply describe your network of cells as only biological containers comprised of a nucleus, membrane, receptors, tubes, fluid, and genetic markers is to miss the point of your biological footprint. You will discover that your cells are highly intelligent beings with an innate divinity all their own. Written into the biography of your cells are the mysteries of life and consciousness, involution and evolution, time and space, the universe and the Multiverse! Your cells are literally tabernacles of Spirit.


Directions for this Guided Visualization

Record in your own voice the following visualization. The reason we invite you to use your own voice is because the cells in your inner universe will respond more readily to your voice. If you take the time to do this you will experience the immediate benefits of making that ‘self to cell’ connection.

Record each of the entries below in a low, soft voice without rushing through the content. As you record each step realize that you are preparing the molecular you for a journey in wholeness and oneness. Pause as often as you feel necessary in order to gain the maximum benefit of your unfolding inner cinema.

Find comfortable seating in a private setting where you won’t be disturbed for 15-20 minutes. Know that you are about to make an important connection with yourself at a molecular level. Know, too, that your cells and atoms will feel that connection.

Start the recording and enjoy your trip:

  1. As I close my eyes I notice the cycle of my breathing… I follow each breath as I inhale and exhale slowly and rhythmically. I stay with the movement of my breathing and merge with the flow of my oxygenation… Each breath I take is effortless and relaxed. I love my lungs and see them healthy and whole.
  2. I pay attention to my heart beating now… I can feel each beat as it sends and receives its life-giving stream of energy and oxygen to every part of my body… My heart’s health is central to my spiritual unfoldment. It’s keynote energies are unconditional love and universal harmony. It is the bridge between the physical me and the spiritual me. I love my heart and see it vibrant, healthy and whole.
  3. I sense the presence of my brain’s energies and its awesome influence over my nervous system… Its neural-networks are functioning fully and healthily. Because my true nature is divine all of my neural-networks are functioning at a high level of neuroplasticity and biochemical perfection… I love all of my neural real estate.
  4. As I go deeper, I can sense the inter-connectivity of biochemical processes and neurotransmitters at work. Important nutrients are entering my cells, bring health and wholeness… As I drop into one of my cells I can feel its love for me and its readiness to do its part in keeping my body healthy and whole. I can feel that same love as I drop into more cells… I realize that my cells are conscious beings. I love my body’s biochemical processes.
  5. I ask permission from one of the cells to visit its molecular structure and am fascinated by the molecular world within me… I ‘cell-ebrate’ my cellular genealogy and see it as my molecular genie-ology! I feel intimately connected with my molecular family.
  6. As I journey into the subatomic parts of me I feel the amazing Life Force that holds me together and sustains me as me… I am thrilled by the oneness, unity and connection I feel… I sense my connection to everything else in the universe… I realize that my personal identity extends beyond my physical body.
  7. As I continue my journey into the deeper recesses of my being I notice the wavicle dimensions of myself… I am free from the limitations of time and space. I am the universe! I am the universe captured within the molecular me, but I’m also the universe contained within my consciousness.
  8. I can feel my transcendence and universality, yet I still have a sense of me-ness. It is clear to me that my real me-ness is the Eternal Presence expressing as my Higher Self which is fully Divine in nature and not my physical body.
  9. So, I thank all of you – my bodily systems, organs, cells, molecules and subatomic parts of me – for serving as the physical container for my Higher Self which is the True Me… I honor you as my somatic space suit and as the community of believers in my importance as a spiritual being having a human experience.
  10. I will do my best to do my part in keeping all of you happy and healthy. I will pay more attention to your guidance, …instructions, …vibrations … and energetic blueprints… as we matriculate through this human experience together. I feel rejuvenated at having connected with you on a molecular level. Thank you for all that you do to keep me healthy and whole…

You can spend as much time as you want in the silence to absorb the molecular connection you have made. Use this visualization often. It’s an excellent intimacy-building practice.

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