The Nativity Story (Bil and Cher’s Short Version)

The Nativity Story (Bil and Cher’s Short Version)

Enlightenment-purple-dreamstime_m_12571643-webHow many times have you misplaced your eyeglasses or keys or iphone or wallet or purse — and looked around all over the place for them — only to find them somewhere on your person? (Think of glasses on top of your head, for example!) You had them all the time! And, if you’re like us, you probably felt a little foolish searching for something ‘out there’ that you didn’t have to search for at all!

We’ve just described the short version of the Nativity story! Think about it: You don’t have to look ‘out there’ for a messiah or savior or higher spiritual being. It’s not ‘out there.’ You don’t have to wait. Your connection to the One Reality is ‘in here.’(We’re pointing to our head and heart). It’s your Higher Spiritual Self. It came with you as the Cosmic Logos expressing Itself as you at your birth!

You are a spiritual being from the moment of your conception. You are divine by nature. You are the human expression of the One Reality expressing Itself through Its Cosmic Logos Nature as you!

That’s the Christmas story. And it happens every time someone realizes he or she is the Cosmic Logos expressing in human form.

The messiah and the anointed one are Jewish and fundamentalist Christian beliefs in an anthropomorphic white-bearded ‘god in the sky’ who sent his son in the form of a carpenter’s son born over 2,000 years ago.

You are the Cosmic Logos dressed in human clothing. The ‘clothing’ we’re referring to is your human personality with its divinity-denying ego and the baggage that comes with it. However, the Real You, your True Nature — we call it the Extraordinary You –- is your Higher Spiritual Self (the Cosmic Logos that underwrites your Authentic Nature).

The only place you have to go to find It, is ‘in here.’ (We’re pointing to our head and heart again). The only thing you have to do is align your flesh-and-blood human self with your Higher Spiritual Self … become less small ‘s’ self-conscious and more capital ‘S’ Self Conscious!

When you become more Self Conscious you will become Self Realized, Self Actualized, and Self Complete! In other words, enlightened. Awake. Able to master your human experience.

Able to walk the spiritual path on practical, courageous, spiritually adept feet.