Think Tank Membership Thank You

ThinkTank-LogoThank you for becoming a member of

The Global Center for Spiritual Awakening’s

Think Tank!

We are super excited to have you join this group of incredible folks who are more spiritual than religious, and who are willing to question unquestioned answers!

You are in for some exciting, mind-stretching conversations that delve into all kinds of spiritual topics.


Your membership entitles you to attend our twice-a-month get-togethers,
held on the first and third Sundays of each month, from 10:30-noon, at our home:

1405 Autumn Ridge Drive, Durham, NC 27712.
We will always have our Keurig coffee machine fired up, with coffee, tea, and cocoa pods available,
plus water for anyone who prefers that. If you have another beverage of choice, feel free to bring it with you!

This is an informal gathering of inquiring minds, ready for expansion and enlightenment!



Please do us a BIG favor and take a minute right now to jump over and join our Private Facebook Page. We typically approve your request within 8 hours (usually much faster!). Once you are approved, go ahead and create a post introducing yourself to the other members of our group. 

 We look forward to sharing lots of great ideas with you to help you master the art of living, as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet.