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Truth Seekers Bill of Rights

TruthSeekerBillOfRights-219x300Truth Seekers Bill of Rights

Here’s a great spiritual activity for you that can strengthen and enrich your spiritual practice dramatically! It requires some time and thought, but it’s definitely worth it!

Draft a Truth Seeker Bill of Rights — suitable for framing. For the sake of your spiritual growth and the strength of your Christ connection, we strongly encourage you to refrain from making this declaration a perfunctory exercise. Create a substantive document that expresses how you feel about protecting your right as a spiritual being who is matriculating through a human experience and clarifies what makes your spiritual practice meaningful and enriching. You will also find that your belief system becomes clearer and more powerful (as well as practical) as you progress through this activity.

Here’s How This Spiritual Practice Works:

Gather together a notepad, favorite pens that help you feel creative, and a cup of tea or coffee. (That last item is not required, but it does enhance the experience!) Outline key areas that you feel are critical for your spiritual unfoldment. For example:

  • What are the necessary conditions for your spiritual progress?
  • What spiritual practices do you value above all others?
  • Define your theology/belief system.
  • Clearly articulate what you consider important about spiritual growth.
  • On what spiritual matters will you not compromise?


Once you have created your list, edit it. Fine tune it. Polish it. Then, transform it into a personal Truth Seeker Bill of Rights document, on nice paper, using your favorite fonts or calligraphy. Frame it. Read it every day. Honor it!

As your consciousness expands, modify your Bill of Rights to reflect your current spirituality. It will be the developmental scaffolding you need to make your spiritual journey a successful one. It’ll serve as your barometer as you monitor your spiritual growth.


Here's ours, which you can download in a pdf format:






© 2000 Bil and Cher Holton,


Adapted from Life-Changing Spiritual Practices, Volume 1, by Revs. Drs. Bil & Cher Holton

2 thoughts on “Truth Seekers Bill of Rights

  1. Thankyou for this consciousness that i am in at this present time i am please to say i am not alone on this quest to know myself and who the higher entity is.We get lost at times when we as a person having to deal with the physical world and the spiritual world we have to keep our consciousness always intune with positive thinking by reading and always thought clearing the consciousness with positive affirmation such as I am a child of the living God the all creating power who rules supreme in all of my affairs perfectly for my highest good

    1. Thanks, Ava, from all of us, for your soulful comments. It is nice to know that you’re not the only one who has grown to become more spiritual than religious. You’re in a growing company of people who realize this. We celebrate your growing-edge spirituality.

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