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Believing in Your Uniqueness Meditation

Believing in Your Uniqueness Meditation

Unique-meditation-red-tulip-holtonThere is no one in the world exactly like you. Even identical twins have differences. You are unique. You are one-of-a-kind. You have a way of thinking, a view of the world, an individuality that no one else has. No one quite looks like you. You have a personal and professional history that no one else possesses.

However, many people fail to believe in their uniqueness. We hope you’re not one of them. Swiss psychologist Carl Jung describes people who sell themselves short, who fail to see their value and worthiness in the following way: People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. They will practice yoga, observe a strict regimen of diet, learn theosophy by heart, or mechanically repeat mystic texts all because they cannot get on with themselves and have not the slightest faith that anything useful can ever come out of their own lives.

This connection adventure helps you explore the way you feel about yourself -especially the qualities, skills, character traits, perceptions, talents, and personal philosophy that define you as a human being. But it goes further than that. This prescription helps you uncover what neuroscientists call your Deeper Self, your Wise Self, the True Self that makes you one of the most unique beings on the planet.

You have an Extraordinary Self (the you that aligns with your Divine Nature) and so does everyone else. Your Divine Nature is your Spiritual IP Address! Believing in your absolute uniqueness—and divinity—is a necessary condition for you to achieve the happiness and success you want. For you to “get on with yourself” as Jung suggests, you must embrace the truth that you have greatness within you, that you are fundamentally divine.

So, we invite you to step out of your shyness and disbelief and tackle this connection adventure with an open mind and a willing heart. It’s the first step in achieving your greatness. It’s a necessary step in unlocking the Authentic You!


  1. Begin by finding a comfortable sitting position that you can hold for 10-15 minutes.


  1. Take a few deep breaths, exhaling slowly between each breath. Without trying to force your breath in any way, allow it to find its own natural depth and rhythm. Always breathe through your nose (That’s assuming your nasal passages are clear and unobstructed. Otherwise breath through your mouth).


  1. Allow your attention to focus either on the sensation of your breath coming and going through your nostrils, or on the rising and falling of your belly as you breathe.


  1. Give your full attention to the coming and going of your breath.


  1. If you realize your attention has wandered, and you find yourself engrossed in thinking ahead or day-dreaming, simply acknowledge the ego’s trespass, then gently but firmly bring your attention back to your breathing.


  1. On your next inhalation think to yourself, “I am unique.” …
    Now exhale slowly. On your next inhalation think to yourself, “I am spiritual beingness having a human experience.” … Now exhale slowly.


  1. When you inhale again think, “I am an exceptional human being.” …
    Now exhale slowly. This time when you inhale think, “I am fantabulous and very talented!”  … And now, exhale slowly.


  1. This time when you breath in think, “I am one-of-a-kind.” …
    And when you exhale think, “My Divine Nature is my Spiritual IP Address.” Repeat that same sequence for the next three inhalations and exhalations as you breath normally.


  1. Pay attention to your breathing once again by concentrating on the rise and fall of your abdomen. Relax your neck and shoulders if they are tense. Breathe easily and normally.


  1. Now, slowly inhale … and as you exhale say aloud, “I am one with my Divine Nature.”  Repeat that affirmation aloud three times.


  1. Breath easily for a few breaths. … Now inhale deeply … and on your next exhalation repeat aloud, “I am one with my Awesome Self.” Repeat that affirmation aloud three times.


  1. Now, inhale slowly … as you exhale, say aloud, “I am one with the Brilliant Me.” Repeat that affirmation aloud three times.


  1. Breath easily for a few breaths. Pay attention to the way you feel. Does seeing yourself in such a positive light feel good? Does it seem a little uncomfortable referring to yourself in such glowing terms? Or, do these positive affirmations simply reinforce how you already feel about yourself? When is the last time you complimented yourself in this way — out loud?


  1. As you focus on your breathing again, inhale deeply … and as you exhale, say aloud, “I am one with the Remarkable Me.” Repeat that positive affirmation aloud three times.


  1. Inhale … and as you exhale, say aloud, “I fully embrace my uniqueness.” Repeat your affirmation of peerless uniqueness three times aloud.


  1. Again, inhale deeply … and on your next exhalation say aloud – and mean it, “I have very special gifts to give the world.” Repeat that acknowledgement three times aloud.


  1. As you continue with your deep inhalations, with each exhalation say aloud and confidently, “I am one with the Extraordinary Me.” Repeat that powerful affirmation until you believe it more than you doubt it.


  1. Now take a couple of slow, deep breaths and relax. When you’re ready, open your eyes and know that you are truly a unique human being … you ARE Extraordinary! … Welcome back!


At various times today use one or more of the affirmations you’ve just repeated. Affirm them as often as you want, silently or aloud. Recognize the power of these affirmations as confirmations of your True Nature, the Divine You, the Extraordinary You!


Recognize that every time you repeat them, you are consciously hanging out at your Spiritual IP Address which is available to you 24-7-365!


© 2012, 2017 Bil and Cher Holton,


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