Using the Twelve Powers

Power Up Your Awareness! Using the Twelve Powers as a Spiritual Practice

12-Powers-Chart.docThis spiritual adventure strengthens your understanding and awareness of the Twelve Powers, and how you use them to live at your highest level of Consciousness.

Here's How:

Click the link below to download a chart of the Twelve Powers.


Every day, review the chart, which includes a description of each of the Powers, and identify situations throughout the day where you have used the Power.

For example, as you look at Imagination, you recall that you designed a pitch for a new product, which you then presented to your staff. You also realize you were using Wisdom, Understanding, and Will as you put the presentation together, and Zeal as you made the presentation.

You also consider the fact that you were using Imagination when you experienced fear that the team would not like your idea, and Strength to move through that fear to present a powerful pitch.

Have fun identifying ways in which you saw your Powers coming into play during the day, even when you were unaware you were using them.

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