White Light Papers

White-Light Papers

A MetaSpiritual Version of the traditional White Paper
helping you  walk the spiritual path on practical feet and achieve YOUniversal Harmony

Our White-Light Papers are a unique approach to sharing MetaSpiritual concepts and practical strategies in a short but powerful way. The name is derived from the corporate practice of creating White Papers to capture the essence of a philosophy, provide an overview of a critical issue, and/or convey specific recommendations to generate results. We decided to create similar brief ebooks that convey an overview of a specific spiritual topic, along with practical spiritual practices to shorten the path for spiritual enrichment and enlightenment.


How to Stay Centered with What’s Happening in the World Today
(8 pages)

  • 7 techniques you can use immediately to feel more centered, safer, more positive, and above the negativity and cynicism surrounding you
  • A new twist on the Universe as Divine Oneness



The Adam and Eve First Couple Story: An Historical and MetaSpiritual Perspective (14 pages)

  • An historical overview of other "First Couple/Creation story myths
  • What all the stories (including Adam & Eve) have in common
  • Information about Adam's rib
  • The Four Rivers in the Garden of Eden
  • A MetaSpiritual Perspective  and Scientific Perspective 



Declare Your Independence (11 pages)

  • What "Independence" means from a MetaSpiritual perspective 
  • What we learned from two of our personal Zen masters (Cleo and Cinnamon)
  • How to achieve independence from anything that limits your spiritual growth
  • Six amazing Spiritual Practices you can use immediately (including a downloadable desktop labyrinth)



Prosperity: How to be Wealthy & WELLthy

  • Our take on the Law on Mind Action
  • The "Secret" of manifesting
  • a little-known disorder that impacts your prosperity manifestation -- and how to overcome it
  • a Spiritual Practice to help you focus on your current level of thinking, and refocus it as necessary.


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