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What is the White Stone Ceremony All About?


(Preparation: Choose a white stone. You can purchase smooth white stones at any crafts store. You could also find a white stone in a stream or river bed. Hold your chosen stone in your hand as you read through this article and experience the White Stone Ceremony.)

The freedom and independence you want is no more than a stone’s throw away. As a matter of spiritual fact, your greater good is never more than a stone’s throw away! It’s closer than the objects which appear in your rearview mirror. It’s as close as your next breath. It’s as close as your next thought, intention, or choice. It’s as close as the stone you are holding.

Take a good look at your stone … because what you are about to discover in this brief ritual can change your life … if “you have ears to hear.” That’s what it says in Revelation 2:17. Here’s what it says: “Let anyone who has an ear to hear (in other words, take the cell phones out of your ears) listen to what Spirit is saying … To everyone I will give hidden manna, and I will give a white stone, and on the white stone is written a new name that no one else knows except the one who receives it.”

The Book of Revelation deals in hidden meanings and symbology. This particular verse has to do with renewal and revitalization. It contains the code for what you can be. It was written by the disciple, John, around 95 CE, on the Island of Patmos, where he was in exile.

The MetaSpiritual interpretation of 2:17 is:As we activate our Intuitive Wisdom by paying attention to high spiritual teachings and making them practical (eat the hidden manna), we tap into the Extraordinary Us, our innate Divine Nature, and become aware of our true Spiritual Divinity (white stone) which transforms our human personality into its higher, more spiritual essence  — the True Nature of who we are (new name).”


It was the key verse in the message John sent to the church at Perganum. And it is the key message we want to share with you. Actually, it is an extension of the message from Isaiah in Chapter 62:2: “and you shall be called a new name.”

The David and Goliath Connection

David-Goliath-transparentThere is also a connection with the story of David and Goliath which is found in I Samuel 17. That story is rich in hidden truths as well. However, there is one passage which is related to the white stone symbolism. It comes from the 49th verse in Chapter17:

“So David put his hand in his Samsonite travel bag, (We’re paraphrasing) took out a stone, slung it,” (We’re not paraphrasing now). Slung it. (Sounds like N.C. slang doesn’t it), “and struck the Philistine on his forehead. The stone sank into his forehead” (That probably hurt), “and he fell face down on the ground” (which is what anyone would do with a stone between their eyes.)

We’re going to fast forward now to Revelation and then rewind to David and Goliath again to explain the significance of the stones, the manna, and the reference to the new name.

As you know, the Bible is one of the Judeo-Christian religious stories of your evolution in religious awakening. So both the Book of Revelation and I Samuel give clues of that inner unfoldment according to the Christian religious tradition.

Look again at the white stone you’re holding. In the time of Yeshua ben Yosef (Jesus), when someone served time in prison, they were given a white stone when they were released. It signified freedom from bondage. It meant a new start. It was evidence they had overcome a limiting condition.

The Revelation account mentions hidden manna. That’s a reference to the Old Testament story of the manna in the wilderness which was sent to the Israelites and Moses each day for their daily bread when they fled Egypt..

  • MetaSpiritually, manna represents soul food. It’s the spiritual sustenance you receive through your nonlocal connection with everything else in the universe. It stands for the Field of Infinite Potential which is readily available to you all of the time when you faithfully practice truth principles.
  • The church John was writing to was called Perganum, which stands for your intellectual nature. And the hidden meaning of the white stone is that it stands for your true spiritual identity which is the One Reality expressing in human form AS you. You are an individualized human expression of the One and Only Reality. Everyone is.
  • The white stone suggests aligning your human self with your Divine Nature. It means recognizing and affirming you are a spiritual being having a human experience. It means standing proudly and unapologetically and affirming: I am the Eternal Presence, the One Reality, the Infinite Isness expressing Itself through the Cosmic Logos as me!

It’s important for you to believe that because it really is the truth of who you are. You are Divine Consciousness expressing as a Light Being wrapped in human clothing. You are hard-wired for freedom and independence and health and joy and prosperity. It’s in your spiritual DNA.

In the Hebrew Testament story of David and Goliath here’s the MetaSpiritual perspective of David’s victory over Goliath:

  • David stands for the love for the truth
  • Philistines represent worldly thoughts and negativity toward your divinity
  • Goliath stands for the overwhelming, gigantic, blown out of proportions, taunting nature of fear which you allow to paralyze you.
  • Goliath’s armor is the seemingly impenetrable power of outer appearances
  • David’s lack of armor means truth is its own defense
  • David’s stone means the same thing as the white stone in Revelation and the white stone in your hands: It stands for your Divine Nature.
  • David’s stone penetrating the forehead of Goliath means the power of faith to penetrate fear and render fear lifeless

The Purpose of the White Stone

Let’s jump back to the Revelation account again. It says that “on the white stone is written a new name”… and that “no one knows the name except the one that receives it.”

The name written on the stone is your innate Divine Nature (‘is given to you’) by right of consciousness. No one else can have that same ‘divine genealogy.’ The white stone represents your I am-ness as the Eternal Presence in physicality. You are the unique expression of that I am-ness. That’s why no one can have the name (nature of) of your spiritual identity (your Spiritual IP Address).

When you surrender to the truth of you, you become aware of who you really are (assume a new nature [name]). A name change means there’s a change in your awareness. You are promised a ‘new’ nature when you claim your divinity. You are promised freedom and independence from what you have been.

Abram changed his name to Abraham. Saul changed his name to Paul. Simon changed his name to Peter. Caroline Page changed her name to Myrtle Fillmore. A name change is a change in consciousness.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been, or what you’ve done, or haven’t done. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve made or how many opportunities you’ve missed. And it doesn’t matter how much you may have accomplished. You are promised a new nature, a new future filled with freedom and independence.

Take one more look at your white stone. Your new level of awareness (name) is written on it. Can you see it? It’s there. Look carefully. You’re going to see your true name, shortly. It’s your true essence. It’s the name you came to fulfill in this earth experience. It’s your spiritual destiny. It underwrites your ability to walk a positive, practical, progressive spiritual path.

Take a good look at the stone you are holding … because what you are about to discover in this brief ritual can change your life. As we’ve already mentioned, it represents your awareness of your innate Divinity. If you’re willing to claim your oneness with One Reality the Ground of All Beingness, repeat this affirmation:

I am the Eternal Presence expressing goodness as me! I am the Eternal Presence expressing goodness as me! I am the Eternal Presence expressing goodness as me!

The White Stone Ritual

Record the instructions below so you can listen to your own voice guiding you through this sacred ritual,  or have someone read them to you. You may want to have soft meditative music playing in the background.

  1. Close your eyes. Hold the white stone in the palm of your left hand and place your right hand over it. Take a slow, deep breath and exhale just as slowly. Remember, a name means the ‘nature of’ something and in this case it means the nature of your spiritual identity. Ask yourself quietly, “What is the chief spiritual quality of my Divine Nature ?”
  1. Take a slow, deep breath again and exhale just as slowly. Think of one or two words that describe your highest spiritual essence.
  1. Don’t force the name of your chief spiritual quality to appear. Just allow it to surface from your depths. It can be a noun like: peace, happiness, compassion, or joy. Or it can be an adjective like: compassionate, loving, joyful, or forgiving. It might emerge as one of the Twelve Powers, or one of the Seven Core Abilities of The Extraordinary You. Or it can be a combination of both noun and adjective like: loving kindness, compassionate healer, peaceful warrior, perennial metaphysician.  Just remain open to whatever comes to you through your inner awareness … from your Higher Self.
  1. Whatever spiritual quality you decide will represent how you intend to express your highest Divine Essence. You may choose to change it later, so the name that comes to you today can be kept, modified, or changed depending on the guidance you receive from the still small voice of your Higher Self.
  1. When you’re ready, you may open your eyes.
  1. Write your name on the white stone with a marker, if you’re sure at a deep level of knowing that it is the highest quality of your Spiritual Essence. If you need more time, keep the stone with you and write your name on the stone as soon as you know for certain that it is the right name for you.

Reflect on the name that came to you and on the significance of the whole white stone exercise. Place your stone in a prominent location so you’ll remind yourself of your Extraordinary Divine Nature.

You may want to repeat this spiritual practice each year. You can use it as a personal identity barometer to measure your spiritual growth, to assess whether the new you is the same as the you last year or the you who has become something different.

© 2005, 2018 Bil and Cher Holton, GlobalCenterForSpiritualAwakening.com

One thought on “White Stone

  1. This may be hard to believe, yet it’s true. The throne room of God and the kingdom within are two different places. One we drink milk and the other we change into a little child and enter within. I went the way with Jesus and came into the Father’s presence and received a white stone and the name was within. The stone makes you look. I saw the name and I know what’s going on. We’re in the second coming of Christ and there’s a solution, the kind that takes the sliver out of the eye. When it’s written that a little child will lead, its because the little child within you asks questions, like any other child, a question leads one to seek and find. I’m telling the truth. The way is truly a way within the kingdom. And we are the children of our Father, its time to mature, grow up… The roots have been put down in the throne room of God and from there we “sprout” out the side, and grow up to the true light. What’s happening is people think the roots are the true light. Yes, they bear light, but truly the light brings forth the new life that bears fruit from the seed. I hope someone who’s reading this understand. This is the real McCoy. All souls are here, we are in the second coming and the children are getting heads UP!

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