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Why Aren’t My Affirmations Working?

Why Aren't My Affirmations Working?

spiritual-practices-not-working-sign-gsThis is one of the biggest questions we deal with in our spiritual coaching practice, as well as when we are teaching classes in the field. There is a common frustration among people who feel like they aren't getting the results they expect through their affirmation process. We created a worksheet we use with people to help them identify the root causes of ineffective results -- because, of course, Truth Principles are ALWAYS working!!

  • Root causes that can create the appearance that things aren't working include:
  • Deep rooted beliefs that conflict with our affirmations;
  • Incorrect understanding of Truth Principles;
  • Mismatch between our affirmations and our actions;
  • Not making use of all the spiritual practices at our disposal;
  • Not being "ready," at the level of Consciousness, to manifest what it is we are working on.


questionmark-colorfulHere are a few of the questions from our Coaching Worksheet that may help you take a look at your affirmations, and become more effective in using them.

Write our the affirmation you are using, and a brief paragraph responding to the question: why do you feel this affirmation is not working for you?

What beliefs do you hold about the issue? (i.e., if it related to money, what are your beliefs about money, being rich, how difficult it is to get money, etc.)

At a gut level, what fears or attachments are driving your need for this affirmation?

Do you have any forgiveness work to do?



Reflect on what you have learned about yourself during this process, and create a spiritual practice to help you move to a higher level of understanding and experience (using tools such as gratitude journal, meditation, joy, affirmative prayer, denials and affirmations, forgiveness, etc.)


4 thoughts on “Why Aren’t My Affirmations Working?

  1. hi! Just listened to one of the older shows on health and wholeness. I’m not sure how to word this I just didn’t feel much grace toward people who may have a tendency to be obese. As a registered dietitian for over 30 years, I have some different thoughts rather than just the individual not be able to control eating and of course that includes the whole gamut of the food thing.
    Having counseled quite a few people about their weight issues, I sense at times it is a carryover from other lifetimes. People have told me they’ll eat and eat past the full point, knowing the refrigerator is full and still eat and eat because they feel they died of starvation in a past life. I have a very dear friend who works inter-dimensionally and is upset about her extra 50 pounds. Sometimes I feel when people are working inter-dimensionally they need the extra weight to actually stay grounded.
    So it truly is a complex issue. Yes it certainly starts with the consciousness of eating nutrient dense foods and of course the more we all do that, we bring our bodies into balance and soon find our cravings are gone. It is so much more at a deep level than only eating what we are suppose to
    eat. Some things I like to suggest are for folks to ask Spirit what their weight ought to be and to make one small change at a time until that habit is incorporated, etc. thanks for listening!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback. I need to listen again to what we said, because I can assure you there was no intention to be derogatory to anyone dealing with issues of weight. I (Cher) personally am a lifetime WeightWatcher member, and fully appreciate the complex issues that can underlie weight-related experiences. You are so on target with your comments — and I love the idea of asking your Higher Self/Spirit/Divine Guidance what your ideal weight is, then making one small change at a time! The hight/weight charts are so out of balance, and contribute to lots of eating disorders as people try to fit into the ridiculously thin images being put out there.

      We really value your feedback and comments, Marge, and are grateful for your support and interest in MetaRomp II! Abundant blessings!

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